Websites hacked - account now suspended!

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by BluJag, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    Following the hacks of websites on Web4 I followed Stephens advice and have spent ages clearing out malicious php files etc and updated all the Wordpress sites and so on.

    Then, at suspended Feb 5, 2016 10:36:46 AM (EST I guess) the account was suspended

    I've raised a ticket asking for help (no ticket ID yet) but would be grateful for any advice!

    I must have cleared out tens of thousands of dodgy files

    Thank you
  2. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    Mysteriously it's been "unsuspended" - no reply to ticket as yet.

    But - the problem remains - how to stop the sites being hacked? Is there any software available which might help?

    It's an ongoing nightmare...
  3. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    Looking at the log files, a ton of requests are coming from Anyway to block this IP address?
  4. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    Not everything has been unsuspended - I can't access the re-seller CP, it still says suspended Feb 5, 2016 10:36:46 AM even though some of the websites with are working again.

    I can't resume the account! Help!!
  5. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    Just had a long "chat" session with Ashish who was very helpful and got things going again. It's good to know that even when things look grim, Jodo have some great help available on "chat".

    So - happy again. But - how to block certain countries (China, Ukraine, Russia,...) from getting access to the server? Tried IP blocking via .htaccces but it threw a 500 exception. Any ideas anyone??????
  6. Naman Kaushik

    Naman Kaushik Super Moderator

    We have blocked this particular IP "" on this Web 4 server.
  7. BluJag

    BluJag Perch

    Thank you Naman - is there a more general way to block whole countries? None of my sites would be of any interest to non English speakers.
  8. Naman Kaushik

    Naman Kaushik Super Moderator

    Yes there are ways to filter country based incoming traffic (or totally block them) or serve specific content to particular region. If you website is based on WordPress there are few plugins, for example :
    Surely you can find ways to do that on internet, however it depends on your coding skills or development team to implement it.
  9. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    IN the control panel there is also an option for 'web access control' that allows you to deny a list of IPs from accessing, you can edit the list from Hsphere, this is on the linux side, it doesn't show up on Windows. You can get lists of IPs from other countries on several site resources, we don't maintain such a list and can't do globally since we have users from all over the world. (and I know you didn't ask for this either, just being clear)

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