What's happening????

Discussion in 'Billing Support' started by Antonio Wilson Valadao, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Dear friends,

    What's happening?????

    I transfer the amount U$D 8,50 by Pay Pal for registration of domain www.bytemotors.com and I receive the confirmation message of Pay Pal: (see follow)

    "This email confirms that you have paid JodoHost ([email protected]) $8.50 USD using PayPal."

    But so far I did not receive no confirmation from JodoHost.

    In Your site I see:

    List of Domain Registration Ordes Page.......
    Sr No - 1
    Order Id - 2263870
    Description - bytemotors.com
    Expiry Date -
    Current Status - InActive
    Name Servers - ns1.clientnshosting.net, ns2.clientnshosting.net

    What it means inactive?

    in your page: http://domain.jodohost.com/anacreon/servlet/CustomerIndexServlet?

    you write: Total Amount owed to JodoHost: USD 8.500

    In the link above I see other page and you write: A payment of USD 8.5 is pending against this Invoice

    what it means this if I already paid by "PayPAL"?

    I wrote to [email protected] but so far I did not receive any replay.

    In your site you write: "24x7x365 RAPID SUPPORT" but I'm not seeing this.

    Thanks and I wait a reply.

    Antonio Valadao
    - BRAZIL -
  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Hello Antonio,

    That is a billing matter, and we do not handle billing matters with support, PayPal transactions are manually verified by billing.

    Also it is weekend hours/shift when less people are on duty.
  3. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    Your domain is paid for. It is currently "Order Locked in Processing". We have raised ticket with domain registrar to fix it.

    Generally domain registration through paypal is pretty smooth and instant. However in your case, payment did not credit automatically to your domain account. Also when it was added manually to register domain, order got locked in processing.

    Anyway this will be fixed shortly.

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