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Discussion in 'Billing Support' started by Antonio Wilson Valadao, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. You didn't answer my ticket.
    I sent one in 21-Aug-06 08:15PM and other in 23-Aug-06 04:40PM.
    The message:

    It's not possible!!!!!!!
    its the fifth consecutive month that i have this problem, and im becoming pissed-off with it.

    on Aug/20, i received an email about the monthly fee and i followed the steps on the BILLING PROFILE (on my CP).

    this lead me to the paypal site, and i did all the necessary steps to complete the payment.

    So i receive an email from paypal with the receipt of the payment.

    But now i receive a e-mail from you saying:
    "Refer to our earlier mail 2 days back. Please note that your Hosting account is showing a negative balance. The Due Date of your account has already passed and there is a risk that your hosting service gets disrupted automatically by the system due to non-payment. "

    WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH YOU??????????????

    In the last month, i had problems with the automatic credit system and because that i decide to open a ticket this month with the receipt of Pay Pal. The ticket was opened on Aug,21 and until now i didn't receive any response.

    And until now im seeing my debt on my CP. Until when i will have this problem?

    Until when i will need to come here avery month to report you that i have already paid my monthly fee?

    Reseller: bitstudio

    Until now im seeing my debt on my CP.
  2. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    Dear Antonio,

    Billing has credited your payment.

    Paypal payments get credited automatically to your account when paid through CP or link in Invoice email. This works perfect with few hundred resellers who have chosen to pay by paypal.

    This is somehow not working with your account. We have opened ticket with psoft on this. We are following up this issue with them.

    Meanwhile another automated way of paying is credit card. In this payment mode, your card gets charged automatically every month.

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