Why are you so slow at BILLING-SUPPORT Inquiries?

Discussion in 'Billing Support' started by beyden.com, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. beyden.com

    beyden.com Guest


    Would you please explain why you do not care about our needs&questions about SLA and some other problems although we have e-mailed you and updated you several times by Mr. RAVI via e-mails?!?

    Do you have any problems about us?

    Also we have forwarded the same e-mails to Mr. ATUL's e-mail and he also does not care about your clients after the purchase of you services:-( !

    If you have any problems with us or our site BEYDEN.com, just let us know that so that we can urgently move our services easily to another provider.

    We want to be answered when we need assistance by our provider, not need to be kidded or fooled anymore like our old provider did to us 3yrs. as Mr. ATUL knew that already!

    With our best regards,

    Selcuk KARAKAYA
    Global Guards Inc.
  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    we care about each of our customers. Our billing department is not staffed 24x7 and Ravi and Atul are not available 24x7 so I do request you give them sometime to respond

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