WINCF or WIN6 Problems?

I was under the impression that the server where my site was hosted was not very reliable (WIN6) so I signed up for a demo account from w w w . alertsite . c o m to meassure it..

I was having a mere 98% uptime most of the times... on Sunday Aug 22nd I had 89% uptime. I was tired that most of my tickets were answered with the phrase "everything is fine.... nothing is going on...."

So I requested JODOHOST to transfer my site to WINCF, this by itself was an ordeal that took over 16 hours and uptime was less then 46%..

Now I am in the "new and improved" WINCF server... boy.. this is sloooooowww

Not only that so far reports show that my uptime in WINCF the last 8 hours is less than 60%

BTW if somebody thinks I am making up the numbers I can prove it and they are accurate...

Emails which I guess is in another server takes an average of 4 hours....

My point is: I salute the tremendous effort that Atul and Yash team are making to run this company... obviously they work on weekends night and days...
But you guys have to understand the key components of any hosting are.
1. Uptime
2. Uptime
3. Uptime
Price is great but if it comes from sacrificing uptime that is very bad policy.

When this problems will be addressed ??

Your stats are pretty much unbelievable to me as they suggest we have been down for several hours. The total downtime on Win6 for this entire month has been 99.6% (2 hours of downtime in the last 30 days)

We have never recorded 89% uptime in our entire history as a hsoting company and if that was the case, I agree it would have been outrageous. If that was the case, we would have hundreds of complaints regarding that here on the forum.

WinCF has had 100% uptime since the server was launched last month. Its a new server and therre has been ZERO issues on it. I can't imagine 60% uptime on any of our servers

The issue with our email server is being resolved. There is a dely in emails being sent a received but they are being sent and received. There was a customer who abused the email system and we are in the process of clearing up the mess

We run the best equipment and have some of the most experiencing people working for us. We are one company that does not sacrifice uptime for price
Also, all our servers are pretty fast. I believe we have a number of testimonials to that

I believe you are facing some other issue here related to DNS propogation considering you are stating such large downtimes. Please open a fresh ticket with your problems, I'll look into it
Yash my intention is not to descredit jodohost..
The main reason to sign up was this open forum good or bad news all are welcome...
I had been monitoring the site with alersite for over 10 days...
I report numbers gathered by a computer, no feelings involved and on request I can send you a detailed log to support it, not only that, if you want to login into alersite and take a look at it I would be more than happy to provide it.
Uptime is not only a ping being responded by an IP address..
Uptime is a website responding a request.

We are a small company and for me it is very uncomfortable to receive negative feedback ... but boy sometimes I had great rewards emotionally and in $$ for listening and taking action...

Took me hours to gather all this information and go through all these steps to finally write these messages because I like your company and I want you to succeed. You do better I do better.

I am not discrediting what your reports may say. But what I am saying is the downtime you may have experienced was due to DNS propogation (since you switched between servers)

And regrding the 89% uptime on sunday, I really do not understand where that comes from. That would have indicated a couple of hours of downtime on Win6 on Sunday which is impossible because we would have had quite a few threads on taht here and quite a few tickets.

Alertra pings sites every 30 to 60 minutes so if it catches a server during a restart, it may record that as a very long downtime period. We have a very good and accurate monitoring system which tells us otherwise. We plan to put those stats up for public

I suggest you submit a ticket so that we can investigate the issues with your site
OK, your issue was resolved sometime ago by our staff. The issue was with the DNS record created for your site. I appologize foir the inconvenience

Both sites are now loading fine from here