WinCF2 -> CFMail -> SMTP Server Issues - HELP!

Discussion in 'Cold Fusion MX' started by 68shelby, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. 68shelby

    68shelby Perch

  2. Manish

    Manish Bass

    CFMail issue has resolved. Please check it.

    I have checked from default website and from 2 other domains and CF mail is working now. I am clearing one spam queue. So,you may get little delay in mails. Spam queue will clear in next 15-20 min.
  3. Manish

    Manish Bass

    Mail queue has cleared. Mail will work without any delay
  4. 68shelby

    68shelby Perch

    Manish, CFMail is beginning to flow again - thank you. Several messages did arrive, but a few things from Thursday afternoon and Friday morning have not. I sure hope they are not gone.

    Would you please make a note in your tech support knowledge base documenting the steps you took to get this issue resolved? That way, it doesn't take 24-36 hours to get resolved in the future. These mail forms are used for client website that submit product/service orders, various applications and other e-mail communications that are considered time-sensitive and wreak havok when they do not arrive in a timely manner (<60 minutes).

    Thank you very much for your hard work!
  5. Good Oyster

    Good Oyster Perch

    Thanks for persisting with this, 68shelby, but unfortunately is still has not resolved the problems I'm having with forms. Some domains send without a problems, others still never appear. It was mentioned in another thread to have SMTP Authentication activated for the domain, but I cannot find a setting in HSphere or within CFmail for this. I set up every cfmail tag the same for each form as far as server settings:

    server="username:p[email protected]"​

    Even tried the separate attributes (user, password, server), filling them in accordingly, to no avail. I can't find anything different in the setup between the forms that work and those that do not.

    It's getting quite frustrating, especially on the latest site I've set up, as their only reason for having the site is to generate inquiries about their service via a web form.

    P.S. I have opened a ticket (Ticket ID: FZJ-31694-737), and hopefully something can be done to resolve this issue.
  6. 68shelby

    68shelby Perch

    Good Oyster, there is "no setting" in HSphere for this. What you have to do is actually create a generic POP3 account and the login/password you specify is what you use to authenticate. Don't forget to add after the username/password otherwise it doesn't work.

    Good luck!
  7. Good Oyster

    Good Oyster Perch

    Thanks, but I knew about and was already doing that, to no avail! Works fine for the forms that work, makes no difference for those that don't.
  8. 68shelby

    68shelby Perch

    unfortunately the problems continue with WinCF2. We have exhausted all of the ways to get the cfmail forms to send reliably. The forms work - but only sporaticaly - and we've got some very frustrated clients who's businesses rely on these forms to process leads, applications, memberships, newsletters, etc.

    I don't know if it's just coincidence or not, but this sporatic SMTP mail delivery problem began shortly after DSPAM was implemented. We've updated all client CFmail forms to add SMTP authentication and it seemed to help, but now it's hit-or-miss again. We're getting desperate!

    We've also noticed a recent spike in page timeouts (blank white screen) and Jodopulse is showing high CPU usage on a more regular basis. JH support techs have been responsive in making suggestions or looking into the issue, but can not really come up with a reliable way to stablize this server. :-(
  9. 68shelby

    68shelby Perch

    Re: CFMail -> SMTP Server Issues -> Update

    Quick update - Manish & Akshay made some server-side adjustments today that will hopefully fix the inconsistent mail delivery on this server. Thanks to them for working with me to hopefully get this resolved. I really hope to never post on this topic ever again. Fingers crossed! :D

    Ticket ID: [RS #JKP-18550-809]
  10. Manish

    Manish Bass

    We got 3 domains which were crashing CF odbc service on server. We have to restart CF service to fix it. We send mails to clients to fix there code. but sadly got only one response and he fixed it :(.

    We had to stop remaining 2 domains. So, it does not hurt others. We tried to contact them but they didn't reply. After stopping domain we got one more response. Now, he is working with his developers.
  11. 68shelby

    68shelby Perch

    Re: CFMail -> SMTP Server Issues - HELP!

    Unfortunately, the fix only last 24 hours and is once again broken. I re-submitted a ticket several hours ago and haven't heard back. We will be losing a few longtime clients because we were unable to get this SMTP issues resolved after several months. Something is seriously wrong here guys and I really wish you could have fixed it. :(
  12. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Re: CFMail -> SMTP Server Issues - HELP!

    There is no setting or issue on server side, I have checked queues etc.
    Maybe with the unreliability of email today it is time to move away from email?

    Today alone I have had 4 mails missing that I myself sent or requested sent to my gmail account never to arrive(in spam or in inbox)

    There were rather important password request and status updates for airlines frequent flier programs, and I had gotten an automated mail already today and they are on my address book.

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