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  1. Ross

    Ross Guppy

    Well i spent hours trudging about the internet trying to find a good host with reasonable pricing, thinking "too expensive", "too expensive", "OMG! they are having a laugh!", "too expensive" ... I even tried one out, then cancelled when their "advanced web-based control panel" had about 3 options, none of which were any used to me.

    So then, by fluke, i stumble across Jodohost and decide to try it out using the trial package. I have to say I was completely gobsmacked by the web-based control panel, I have fallen instantly in love with it. Quite frankly it wipes the floor with what most other hosting companies have to offer. There is not an option you could think of that isn't in there. I even managed to alias a domain that i registered with DynDns (something i was worried would not be very easy to do).

    The pricing, nothing much to say here other than very very reasonable for what you are getting. My website will be primarilly a fan site so I won't be making money from it... some hosting companies were going to try and charge me ?100+ a month to run it! As if!

    So, so far so good Jodohost, an excellent offering and I am extremely happy to have found you. Apparently your customer support is top-notch too...

    Happy happy happy!

  2. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    JodoHost is the best!
  3. Yash

    Yash Bass

    It's great to hear that not everyone hates our control panel :)
  4. WineIsGood

    WineIsGood Perch

    I like your control panel.......... :)
  5. KCWebMonkey

    KCWebMonkey Perch

    I don't hate your control panel... i just think it's dog ugly!!! And that's not your fault, it's PSofts fault :)
  6. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    the control panel is quite good, but it's as ugly as hell and it's hard to navigate innit..
  7. Logan

    Logan Perch

    Hey dirtbag, get over it!

    And just stay on topic, I agree that the Control Panel is one of THE best I have used with a web host. Most of all, it is totally automated. I don't have to wait for support staff to do anything (other than fix problems when they arise).
  8. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    if it was my sig you pointed to, YOU told me not to give you my opinion, so then i listen to that
    but ok, i can change the sig if you want that too
  9. yorri

    yorri Perch

    I don't hate it either!! Especially now that I am used to it but isn't there a learning curve with any software?? :)

    I would say if there were any complaints it would be with the lack of quality in 3rd party software that works with the control panel (webalizer or sqwebmail for example)

    Also there are a couple things I would like to see included but since you are supporting those things through tickets(like ftp users and iis application directories)..NOONE can complain about the control we have over our websites.

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