XMLHttpRequest and proxy servlets


Has anyone hosted with jodohost tried to use AJAX technology to retrieve data from domains other than their own domain? I am trying to set up a proxy servlet to do this but I'm not sure that this can be done on Jodohost's servers. Do we as customers have direct access to include a servlet in the web.xml file? Is there a proxy servlet setup? etc.
are you trying to use ajax on win6?

win6 is not asp.net 2 enabled and therefore doesn't have ajax 1.0 installed, just FYI.

BTW, your webmaster tools are cool, looking good :)
Hey Stephen,

You actually don't have to have asp.net 2 installed to use ajax technology. What I'm trying to do is allow other domains to call my domain via XMLHttpRequest method using javascript from their server. There are restrictions that don't allow cross domain calls to our server unless the client browser's security settings allow this.

There is a method to use a proxy server on the other domain to post to my domain. I am trying to test this. I have 2 domains on win6. I want to post from domain1 to domain2 from within the client browser on domain1 and have the proxy on domain1.

So the question is; is there a way to set up a proxy server on win6?

P.S. thanks for the kudos on our webmaster tools. I actually have to revise the captcha method using ajax to include posting to a proxy before anyone can actually use the ajax method.
Yes i know asp.net 2 is not needed, but i was just making sure you were not trying to use the asp.net 2 AJAX 1.0 tools Ms released :)

As for the other question, I really need to check it out and get more detail, do you have a ticket about this I can check for details with?

No. I don't have a ticket yet. I am still researching this method to see if it's feasible to use on shared servers. You have to allow web apps, edit the web.xml file, and upload a .jar file at the minimum to enable a proxy.

In the web.xml you would have to create a class for everyone that might want to use this method.

An interesting thought is that you could use this method as a mod-rewrite without being on apache.

Still researching this. You're welcome to investigate this possibility as well.
what jar file? I am not sure where that comes into play unless using CF(and I don't remember you using CF)
If the jar is needed to be run by the JRE, it would not be possible as we do not even install the JRE on servers.

Actually I figured out how to do this without using XMLHttpRequest and a proxy server.

Thanks anyway.