Yash, would you update us on the following items please

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by yorri, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. yorri

    yorri Perch

    There are a few things that we are still waiting for and although I understand the delays because of the win5 issue(s), it would be nice to know that these things are not being ignored.

    1) web sql admin - Last time I checked there was an issue with a component. I just tried to login and it doesn't give me the error but rather an incorrect login/password (after the windows authentication popup login). Maybe I am typing in the wrong thing? I tried my database login as well as my hsphere user account.

    2) adding Horde to the mail.domain.com page. We have been waiting months for this and you continue to say it will be done but we are still waiting.

    3) sqwebmail is still not allowing us to log in. It would be nice to have that removed from the mail.domain.com page if it is not going to be fixed (non technical people won't understand what is going on so it would be better to remove and/or fix something that is not working)

    and the last thing I was wondering about is hspere 2.4 RC1 (which was released April 20th). Is this a stable release or should a company wait until a final release. I never understood the difference between RC and a final release and if they are the same thing or different. I understand the difference between alpha, beta and release but maybe not the differences between releases.

    Since you have mentioned that you would be upgrade when 2.4 was released...is this going to happen in the near future. I am sure with the recent problems you might be uncomfortable jumping into another migration but I thought I might ask since the 2.4 release would be a great upgrade.

    Ok I think that is enough for now :)
  2. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    Considering the amount of problems JodoHost has faced lately and the current sensitivity of the customers, I would recommend against installing any RC1 H-Sphere releases :p
  3. yorri

    yorri Perch

    Yes however, things couldn't get worse :p
  4. LegalAlien

    LegalAlien Perch

    well said.
  5. riley

    riley Perch

    Yes, and the best way to insure that they do is to install something...

  6. yorri

    yorri Perch

    Please don't ignore that I was asking the differences between an Release Candidate and Final Release. I was also not suggesting it be done tommorrow. I was also asking when in the future it would be done since many of us have been desperately waiting for this to happen for months and Yash said they would be migrating.

    Also, don't assume that it would be installed on existing servers. I would gladly have my accounts migrated just like I did over to win5 (although bad mistake) if it meant I got more features.

    Also please note that I am asking questions...not insisting they install 2.4, there is a huge difference. But since it has been already stated that JH would upgrade to 2.4 I am interested in when.
  7. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    A release candidate is just that. It's basically a beta version of which the developer thinks it's ready to become 'final'. No known bugs should exist at the time of release, but that doesn't mean people won't find any.

    RC1 releases often end up still having a considerable number of bugs left in them, but that differs between developers of course. RC2 or RC3 releases are usually already a lot safer.
    A product such as H-Sphere can potentially have a lot of problems and it's used on many slightly different platforms. It might work perfectly well, then again it might not :p
  8. Yash

    Yash Bass

    We will be upgrading to 2.4 but we will be doing this in 10 to 14 days from now. We've just had two major Win5 problems one after the other which is taking all our time and we do not want to irritate customers more

    I'm also waiting to here from other hosts about their experience with RC1.

    There would be no server moves or any site unavilability. Just the control panel (the interface you use to manage your acc) would change
  9. jimsau

    jimsau Perch

    Will there be anything in place (backups) to protect us should something go wrong? I am hoping not but would rather wait a while longer if it means we are safer...

    Any update on the spam filters and virus protection?
  10. yorri

    yorri Perch

    Yash, thanks for the update...what about the other items I asked about. Are you ignoring those?
  11. Yash

    Yash Bass

    No, I'm not

    1) Websql admin.. Please use www.aspenterprisemanager.com
    We haven't been able to get this to work. It has to be installed directly on the MS SQL server but the way it works, you need to give it Admin privelages to run which is a bit risky. Tonight I'll be reading through the MS documentation and assesing the risks

    2) Horde Webmail is working. The other 2 web mail systems are not i.e. sqweb and squirrelmail. We will be correcting squirrelmail tomorrow

    3) We will be adding Horde to the mail.domain.com list today

    4) We will be installing Options on Horde day after tomorrow

    5) We will be installing anti-virus protection tomorrow. We won't be installing the Spam "tagging" system till we can fix the SPAM module on the firewall. I can't provide you an ETA on this now but will be by tomorrow.
  12. eko

    eko Perch

    What amazes me is that websql used to work and now it doesn't even though you downgraded the server. It was the easiest way to make a backup and restore it and something that tacticalsystems didn't offer.
  13. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Yes, the older version of WebSQL used to work fine. The newer version has totally changed. I've not been able to find the older version otherwise I would have installed that by now

    The newer version required a different setup and I am concerned about the way it is setup. Anyway, I promise this will be installed unless it is a security risk
  14. yorri

    yorri Perch

    thank you for the update, that is all I was asking for.

    I really hope these things are completed within the next day because we have been waiting a long time for all of them.
  15. yorri

    yorri Perch

    so much for this :(
  16. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Yorri, I was just working on this...

    Everything that I mentioned will be implemented. Things have been delayed because we've been putting alot of time into beefing our our security in the last 24 hours..
  17. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Psoft is talking about a full final release in less than 4 weeks, it might be best to just let the RC bugs work out at that pace, it seems to be moving along rather quickly.
  18. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Horde link is added to mail.domain.com
    Options have been installed on Horde

    Only Squirrelmail and anti-virus/anti-spam remain

    PSOFT will be releasing RC2 on Tuesday. I'll be waiting to hear some feedback from other hosts and then have all servers upgraded to HSphere 2.4 RC2 on Wednesday night. HSphere 2.4 includes anti-virus and anti-spam protection which you can configure from your control panel
  19. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    sounds good! :)

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