Yay, its Friday!

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by peter7138, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. peter7138

    peter7138 Guppy

    Another dreary work week comes and goes and now it is party time! :)
  2. zhatka

    zhatka Guppy


    I have to say I love friday's. I don't have a particularyly difficult job. I manage a gang of hoodlums known as tech support (I love em all!) but by the time friday comes around, I just wanna sit at my computer, crank some tunes, and get knee deep in some code. On the way home I pick up a 1/2 rack of my favorite beer (that changes week-by-week....right now I am chasing down the bottom of a Rolling Rock long neck) and drink a lot. Once the monitor starts to go fuzzy, then I know it's bed time.

    Interesting though, when I work on code on Friday's....I always have to redo it on saturdays. WTH?!......

    Oh and BTW.....the best music to write code to:

    - Pink Floyd
    - Ozric Tentacles
    - Korn
    - Cannibal Corpse
    - Incubus
    - Seven Dust

    In no particular order of course ;-)

    IN regards to the current Win5 shenanigans......Yash, you and the gang do a helluva job all the time. In this case, there are only 2 words which sum up the situation:

    Shit Happens.

    Keep up the good work and am looking forward to my sites comin back up.


    If anyone wants to chat, hit me up on ICQ: 26391313 (or you may be able to hit that nice little green flower up on the left)

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