ZipArchive installed?


ZipArchive is apparently standard on PHP 5.2 up, but doesn't seem to be installed/enabled on web12 (at least.) Can it be?
The Joomla extension I want to install requires ziparchive, and won't install without seeing it. I'll look at the code to see if it's possible to modify it to get it to install.
I believe ziparchive will be standard on php 5.2 onwards, though, so some apps will expect to see it.
PHP 5.2 has been EOLed. If there is demand, we will sure look into it. We will have to manage it custom as it doesn't comes packaged with Hsphere, and will be removed by Hsphere updates. For now we don't plan to offer it, as there is already going to be a resource overhead with our planned move to fastcgi based setup.