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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales' started by webtech, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. webtech

    webtech Perch

    Thanks for that, I appreciate people who take the time to pass on their knowledge even though, as you say, there are help documents to read...



  2. webtech

    webtech Perch


    Can I just confirm something so that I know I'm thinking correctly.........if I were to purchase, for example, a month of valuhost now, would I get 3 months in total???

    Also is it easy to upgrade the account later???

    And is there a limit to the number of accounts you can add at 50c per month????

    Thanks again

  3. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Yes you'll get 3 months in total (2 free, one paid) and can easily upgrade to any plan...

    there is no restriction on the # of accounts you can buy on ValueHost and above. The restriction is only on LiteHost
  4. webtech

    webtech Perch

    Thanks again for your quick reply............I hope its this quick as a reseller...

    Could the dedicated IP's be allocated to SSL certs for oscommerce sites or is that an extra expense????

    How much would a dedicated IP address be anyway???


  5. Yash

    Yash Bass

    $0.50/month for each additional IP
  6. webtech

    webtech Perch

    I take it you mean they cant be allocated and it would be an extra expense??

    What would I use the free IP's for????

    I presume that having my website (webtechnique.net) hosted on the reseller package allows me to create my own nameservers as I have now, ns1.webtechnique.net, etc???

    If so, what is the best way of transferring from my other host. Would it be to use the same domain name or use a temporary one with you first???

  7. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    There's no difference between the 'free' IPs and the $0.50/IP ones. You get 5 for free with ValueHost. You pay $0.50 for additional IPs.

    Keep in mind that you need to be able to justify dedicated IP usage. I haven't heard JodoHost about it much lately, but unless you need SSL or anonymous FTP you probably don't need a dedicated IP.
  8. webtech

    webtech Perch

    Thanks subspace, I need them for oscommerce........do you know about the nameserver question I posed????

  9. Emagine

    Emagine Perch Staff Member

    regarding nameservers

    you can create child name servers with almost all hosts, who are you with?

    at the moment you can use ns1.jodoshared.com and ns2.jodoshared.com

    you need to go to your domain registar and set up the name servers with the IP's within your server alias section within the reseller (administrative account).

    some hopsts require you to add

    prefix.domain.com IP Address

    that can sometimes be the case on registrating and updating the records.

    you can use any name server you wish , i have a number of domains that use the same IP for the nameservers.
  10. webtech

    webtech Perch

    my names are with fasthosts and they required me to set my domain name to the IP given by my hosting company

    eg webtechnique.net so that I could use ns1.webtechnique.net and ns2.webtechnique.net when I signed up for my reseller hosting with unitedhosting.

    Does it work the same with jodohost??? Sounds like it!

  11. Emagine

    Emagine Perch Staff Member

    i have a couple domains with UKREG, AKA fasthosts.

    you change the IP Address for the name servers, go to the domain example (example.com)

    click nameservers for example.com

    then where it has the nameservers add

    ns1.example.com Primary IP Address

    NS2.example.com Secondry IP Address

    something like below

    ns1.example.com 204.343.32.3

    then that tells ukreg to update the IP records for the nameservers.

    then after they resolve you are good to go
  12. webtech

    webtech Perch


    Thanks for the info........I think we're at cross purposes her........thats exectly what I do at the moment, I should have been clearer in my question!!!

    I saw something on the jodohost site which had ns1.jodohost.com, or something like that and I wondered whether I could move from my current company and still use my own nameservers as I do now eg ns1 & ns2.webtechnique.net

    I hope thats a bit clearer.

  13. webtech

    webtech Perch

    Here is an extremely important question....and its a coincidence and very topical....allow me to explain...

    my current hosting company provide a quick installation of jacks formmail which I have used on many sites. I now have a problem on ALL the sites which causes the redirect function of the form to fail and get a server error.

    I've been trying to sort this all day using their forums and when I eventually realised it was with all my sites I sent a support ticked in..................their answer was that they dont support scripting issues and I'm left high and dry!!!

    My question is therefore what would have happened on jodohost??? do jodohost have a formmail script and if it went wrong would I get support???

  14. Emagine

    Emagine Perch Staff Member

    Yes you can still use your own nameservers

    ns1.webtechnique.net and ns2.webtechnique.net

    you just need ot change the ip assignment that is explained above, if you change the ip assignment to jodohost IP's your name servers

    ns.webtechnique.net and ns2.webtechnique.net will then direct your domains to the jodohost servers.

    are you on a reseller or jodoshared hosting plan?

    if on a reseller plan check the server aliases from the adminastritive account.

    you will see ns1.jodoshared.com followed by an ip address.

    and the same for ns2.jodoshared.

    take those IP Addresses and use the procedure above in my previous post to reassign the name servers to the new IP addresses. if you need the IP Addresses i am able to send you 2 via PM.
  15. webtech

    webtech Perch


    thanks for the info again.........I'm not yet on a hosting plan, I'm just trying to find out about jodohost as a host, if you see what I mean!!

    I'm with unitedhosting but thinking of moving..........a few reasons but their support is carp..........if you have a problem with their servers and post it on the forums they will first of all deny it and then delete it!!!

    Hence my post above about the level of support from jodo!!

    Thanks again

  16. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    Technically JodoHost isn't required to help you with your scripting issues, but they do so all the time.
    If it were a default server script I'm sure they'd take a look at it.

    There is a default mailform script which you can install through the control panel, but personally I've never used it.
  17. webtech

    webtech Perch

    that sounds like UH but the thing is that UH dont help you and that would make all the difference if jodo did.......thanks

  18. webtech

    webtech Perch

    before I sign up could someone tell me what domain name I should use........what I mean is that as I already have a reseller account elsewhere with my main domain name as my nameservers, do I use that when signing up or maybe pick another one and change it later..........is it easy to change???


    P.S. I assume the 2 month free offer is still on...anyone? :]
  19. Ravi

    Ravi Perch

    Better use fresh Domain, if you are in process of transition from one host to another.

    It is recommanded not to change DNS zone in future.

    Promotion scheme is about to end. Signup and claim your offer.
  20. webtech

    webtech Perch

    Hi Ravi

    I need to end up with the same nameservers I have at the moment. What is the procedure I can follow to do that??


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