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    Last year around this time we announced the End of Life for ColdFusion services, however it did not go according to plan as Plesk dropped support and Adobe stopped selling compatible versions with the prior Plesk due to major security exploits. In the last year we've continued to allow these coldfusion services to limp along and run, however it cannot continue on in this manner.
    On December 1, 2016, ColdFusion Services will be stopped on the servers running it, and any trouble tickets opened will be referred to this notice and reference to last years End Of Life notice. ASP and PHP will continue to run on the servers, while we work to move them to Windows Web servers. We will aid you in transferring your account to a Windows server for running non ColdFusion based pages. If you are still using ColdFusion services, you will need to seek out a service providing CFML support. We do not have a recommended list or provider, as there are only a handful even around, and we have no relationship with them.
    Last years notice and reference:

    JodoHost Customer Support
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    ColdFusion Services have been turned off on all servers.

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