Hsphere upgrade to 3.2 patch1 - Starting Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 10:30 EST

Discussion in 'HSphere Cluster 2' started by tanmaya, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. tanmaya APAC Operations

    We will be upgrade Hsphere on this cluster to version 3.2 Patch1.
    Update will start on Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 10:30 PM EST (UTC-5).
    Control panel will not be available for 2 hours, and individual services may not be available intermittently during this time.

    Below are the new features introduced with this upgrade:
    * apache2 (for new servers only)
    * pdo_mysql (Magento support)
    * Ruby on Rails (for new servers only)
    * Ability to switch exiting php4 domains on Linux hosting accounts to PHP5.
    * SiteStudio to update to version 1.8-15.
    * Human signup validation
    * Extended functionality of suspending and resuming accounts.
    * Web Access Control (for Linux hosting accounts)
    Provided possibility to create PayPal payment subscriptions from user control panel
    * WebShell 4.4.3 with Web 2.0 driven WebShell Protect Wizard.
    * New XP Reloaded design
    * FTP Over SSL/TLS for Linux hosting accounts on standard FTP ports ( port 20/21).
    * Mail SMS resource: forwarding email to SMS to any number of recipients, without excessive content, with filtering sender addresses and setting the size and number of messages.
    * Setting max values for resources directly in Plan Wizard.
    Simplified plan wizards
    * ExtraPacks: packs of preset bundled resources to be offered to end users
    * Hosting resource is made billable in Plan Wizard. Due to this, you can now set independent prices for domain and domain alias resources.
    * Now if a customer changes his payment type from Trial to Paid, he is charged for all resources he used during the trial period. Added an option in plan wizard to zero out the customer's balance before changing payment type from Trial to Paid.

    Points to note:
    1. Custom php variable changes may not work for new hosting accounts.
    2. Domain alias is "Hosting Domain Alias" resource in Web Services category.

    We have chosen to update on a Thursday as a new licensing scheme has been introduced in this release, and we would like get in touch with Parallels sales team (available only on weekdays) to resolve if any licensing problem happens. Please note, we already have new licensing tested, and this is just a precautionary measure.
  2. Stephen US Operations

    Just a quick reminder to everyone, this maintenance will be starting tonight!
  3. tanmaya APAC Operations

    Control panel is being stopped now for update.
  4. tanmaya APAC Operations

    Updates are taking longer than anticipated. At this moment, we expect the process to take another 1 hour.
  5. Stephen US Operations

    The windows side is going, MSSQL2 is done, MSSQL1 is running, we will be moving on to Win1 to Win5 then CF1 an CF2, each one is taking quite a while. I will update when/if any service goes down for an extended period on the windows side.
  6. tanmaya APAC Operations

    Linux updates are almost done. Zend Optimizer was removed by updates. It has been re-installed now.
  7. Stephen US Operations

    MSSQL1/2 both done, Win1 is running now, so far only one short iisreset and less than 20 seconds in total.
    We are keeping a watch on it and will move to the next server as soon as possible while maintaining a good watch on this one.
  8. Stephen US Operations

    Win1 is done, with no added downtime for IIS, php and perl changes paths in this update, if you have a custom php.ini you may want to ensure sites on win1 are still working well.

    We will aid if needed to get a newly updated php.ini file.
  9. Stephen US Operations

    WinSD1 is done, Win2 is running updates now.
  10. Manish Guppy

    Win2 is done, Now win3 is updating.
  11. Manish Guppy

    Some application pools on win1 and win2 server are messed up. HSPHERE update moved domains on wrong pool, so some domains are throwing error. If you are getting any such error. Please send us ticket we will do it on priority.

    This mostly deals with ASP.NET versions being mixed and may be triggered if having an application folder inside your domain with different settings than the domain itself.
  12. Manish Guppy

    Just a quick fix, if you disable and then enable ASP.NET from CP. It will fix it.
  13. Stephen US Operations

    Win3 is having some issue during the upgrade, IIS is acting very funny not growing in memory size and staying very small. We are working on it. Sites are having troubles on win3 at the moment.
  14. Manish Guppy

    we are restoring win3 IIS metabase.
  15. Stephen US Operations

    Win3 is continuing to have an issue, pages are loading up blank.

    We are continuing to work on it, Manish is going to move on to win4 while I focus on win3.
  16. Stephen US Operations

    found the root cause of win3 issue, logging module did not get installed properly making the sites give a fatal error and die, we are trying to get this fixed manually ASAP.
  17. Stephen US Operations

    Win3 sites are starting to come up, as we get got the new upgraded logging dll in place. Again seeing some asp.net mixing errors but we can handle them on a case by case basis.
  18. Stephen US Operations

    We are aware some win3 sites are still down, quite a few in fact, but we can't do a lot about it as updates are still going on, we have learned a few tricks to speedup the asp.net errors that are coming to get them fixed, but we can only process it after the update is done. if we do it before hsphere comes behind us and sweeps our changes away.
  19. Stephen US Operations

    Most should be up now, we are keeping an eye out to see if the ongoing updates on win3 to fix the missing items make a reappearance and will fix it again if so.
  20. Manish Guppy

    Win4, win3 and win5 updates are done.

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