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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by zardiw, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Some changes need to be made:

    1. REQUIRE all passwords to be 12-14 characters long and contain: at least one: lower case, upper case, numbers, special character.

    At MINIMUM make the passwords be 8 characters long, and have upper, lower case, and numbers.

    This should be done PROGRAMATICALLY so EVERYBODY HAS TO make their passwords secure.

    This should be applied to any accounts hosted by resellers as well!!!

    2. Stop Catering to the dregs of society. Jodohost should NOT try to compete with the likes of GoDaddy. In other words......RAISE THE PRICES. We need QUALITY people hosting at JodoHost......not freaking MORONS that cause problems for Everybody.

    3. Separate the quality users from the newbies/beginners/people who don't know what the EFF they are doing. This should be done on a server AND router level. That way those fools won't be causing every server/router to go teats up and screw up every site at JodoHost.

    4. Consider getting a few more servers to help mitigate any DOS attack. I'm noticing quite a few sites on the web are not being affected by this wordpress attack as much as JodoHost is.
  2. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    And fwiw, this is the SECOND day I can't consistently get to my control panel...........it's hit and miss.........z
  3. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Raise the prices............and the dregs of society will go elsewhere.....to godaddy.......where they belong.......let THEM have the headache..........z
  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    control panel hasn't been loading slow here, that is new to me.

    Seperating quality users is something I'd love to do but such is hard to determine :D

    Even today I am mailing one user that is long time, about major coding issues that are/will cause problems on their site, as it is totally open to SQL injection and seeing a lot of stuff hitting it.

    The attacks have subsided now, and we've even allowed some of the wordpress logins again, but still watching closely, I don't think there was a major sql issue due to it yesterday, as we were monitoring it a lot.

    BTW, we agree on passwords and have been working with Parallels on it, the limits/parameter for password are in compiled code on the service and make for problems in forcing that matter, we have the input in and hope to see that adjusted as Hsphere is being updated, albeit slowly.
  5. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Yeah well, my site is down more than it's up for 2 days now.......also having trouble with getting my Email.........

    And as for separating the losers from the winners.........RAISE THE PRICES...........

    The losers will leave..........the winners will be GRATEFUL for QUALITY hosting over Quantity/CheapAssed hosting.........you GET what you pay for....but with all these morons that are being hosted, the good ones are NOT getting what they're paying for.

    I'm even on a Semi Dedicated server and can't access the site most of the time for 2 days now........

    Thing is I have PAYING customers that are relying on this site..............they've been patient for the most part ......BUT.......why is this forum up and my site down is what I wanna know.........I can understand DOS and WP attacks whatever...........so pls do for my domain whatever you're doing for this forum

  6. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    I've not put in a trouble ticket yet cause I figured it's this worldwide DOS attack causing it.......but the trouble ticket site is fubar also......just checked......

    Right now I can't access the site, the control panel, OR get my EMail.......fwiw...

    Not to mention that any new subscribers that want to sign up.......can't........z
  7. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    I think you may be having a net connection issue? Ticket desk is working here. site and emails all working too.
    Send me mail from gmail or private message me a reply, seems something is surely wrong if you can't access anything, we aren't having any alerts at all and nothing down at the moment.
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We have found a server taking attack on same uplink as your SD server node, we are working to trace it out and stop. It isn't a 'major' attack but I guess could impact your website, but should not other items since it was/is not very major.
  9. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    An Error Occured!
    Error Number: 2
    Error Description: mysql_connect(): Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 113
    Error On Line: 7
    Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 113
  10. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    OK....part of it may be a browser issue........restarted Opera and now can log into control panel...........z
  11. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Gonna restart my router.......maybe that has something to do with it.......BUT, I'm getting complaints from some of my customers.......so there IS a problem somewhere.......as I said....it's hit and miss.............z
  12. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Yes the mysql error is possibly due to the attack on a server in same network segment, it is a smallish attack about about 80mb/s but it may be impacting with some congestion from your server to the mysql server. We are working to solve that, but that is only a handful of servers not including any mail or CP.
  13. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Abhishek has it looking pretty stabilized now.
  14. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Little too soon, seeing some bad :(
  15. cdog

    cdog Perch

    To Zardiks
    I second this motion, the wheels seem to falling off at jodohost lately, I'm at a point where I'm seriously considering leaving jodohost which I really don't want to do, my customers try to be patient but I'm starting to hear it in their voices that their losing faith in my ability to provide them a reliable service just as I'm losing faith in Jodohosts ability to provide me with a reliable service.
  16. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We are working on every issue at very high priority, Tanmaya and I are working on it 14+ hours a day and others as well.

    the wordpress issue is not, nor was not just us, it was everyone and bad, and some of the wordpress installs and even some joomla, have actually gotten exploited. In these cases mostly due to easy passwords, once exploited some of them are being used for spam :(

    Hsphere is not supporting 2003 on latest editions and updates, and 2003 servers are virtually being left to die by both Parallels and Microsoft, already seeing increases in attacks focused on them now as well. I'll be starting some increased security changes on 2003 servers and we'll leave a few in network for those that just 'have to have' frontpage extensions, but we'll very soon be moving servers to 2008 R2. This is directly in my realm, so I am addressing it in more detail, others are in other areas and making other changes.

    Last night we finished up a outgoing mail server gateway that will be anti spam scanning every outgoing mail from web servers, and we'll setup more for mail servers as well. These will be in place to help prevent blacklistings and stop spam from leaving the network in the first place.
    Incoming spam has been on the rise here and elsewhere, very likely due to the automated botnet hacking that's all going around as well. We will be looking at the options for adding external mail scanning like we've done before there.
  17. cdog

    cdog Perch

    We all appreciate the amount of time you guys put in and glad to hear about the other changes stephen especially in regard to filtering outgoing mail, most customers wouldn't have a clue that their website was having issues but email is another thing, they all know when there's problems and the majority of customer support for me is unfortunately due to email issues.

    I know the wordpress thing was worldwide but Jodohost is the only one of the various providers that I use that were affected so heavily or took the same action due to it, although I'm glad you managed to keep sites up given the circumstances.

    I hope that the owner/owners of Jodo are monitoring these threads as well as in the end the buck stops with them for the service they provide
  18. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    We were only following on actions of other providers, we tried fighting it other ways as well. The webhostingtalk thread is exactly where we got the solution we ended up using. Others took all login pages down before us, not sure how we were so different in that, even then we only did it on a small amount of many servers, not network wide like some had done. I believe we only did it on 4-5 servers, the ones being hit the most and causing issues. On others we watched connections and blocked on server site basis as they were less impacted.

    not EVERY wordpress site was hit, who knows what the criteria was for it, but it wasn't hitting all of them, and some servers never got hit at all even here.

    All the management (including myself obviously) are following this as I've already sent it along in a group discussion, and more importantly, that was a group discussion we already had going for these matters and several others, before they were brought up here today, so we are aware, self evaluating, and making changes.
  19. cdog

    cdog Perch

    I was following that thread at wht forums as well and thankfully that attack hit servers randomly. My key problem is recurring mail issues. Hardware failures and ddos attacks we can all live with and I'm glad and am reassured to hear that Jodohost is self evaluating and making changes to make it's customers happy customers.
  20. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Everything back to Normal!!!.........and running FAST again.............JodoHost ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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