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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by zardiw, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    First outgoing mail scanning test is in operation today, we don't want to roll out something like this to everything and then find a problem. We're on the first one with cluster2 and the go domain, to ensure SPF records work right for outgoing mails we are making sure that we have multiple services setup for each cluster domain so no one gets SPF rejections.

    just got info: first to have outbound filtering is most often hit one, WEBMAIL. We'll evaluate how it works and go from there.
  2. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    I'd think twice about moving........for one it is a HUGE hassle........and second, you're not necessarily gonna go somewhere better.

    Before I came to JodoHost, I was at a LOT of other web hosters. They all had problems.......to the point where I eventually moved.

    But here at JodoHost, while it hasn't been perfect, it's been LIGHT YEARS ahead of any other hosts I was at.

    And consider this. JodoHost has been doing this for a LONG TIME.

    They have excellent staff with EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE at solving problems.......I'm talking many years of dealing with issues.

    That is a HUGE advantage over other hosts who may not have the collective experience to provide you with any better hosting than you are getting right here.

    And I don't think you're gonna get better support Anywhere.

    JodoHost has by far the best support I've ever seen.......

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

  3. cdog

    cdog Perch

    Yep Zardiw
    Thanks for the addvice..

    Like you I've been in this game for a long time now(over 10 years), have used various other reseller providers and have been with Jodohost for quite a few years as well. I know only too well the hassle of moving customers and in my case it's many hundreds of domains and moving them isn't something I want to do nor can I charge customers for my time to move them. Yes I agree the quality of Jodos support staff, experience and customer service is of the highest quality and at times they have gone above and beyond the call to assist me.

    I have faith that jodo have listened to their customers and are doing what needs to be done to protect their and our reputations with customers. I also believe that most of us are happy to pay more for reliability. I'm beyond happy about the outgoing mail scanning as the ongoing blacklisting is probably what causes me the most headaches with my customers.
  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    The outgoing mail scanning is up and running :)

    right now on webmail, which is primary source of spam issues, and expanding to others after tested.

    We've also made some changes on the anti spam settings on current mail servers as we noted at times they simply weren't doing their job with spam changes of late, and we are watching to see how that works as well.
  5. Bunchadogs

    Bunchadogs Perch

    I think I posted this in another thread, but just in case - I've actually had an OVERWHELMINGLY positive response to charging MORE for a higher level of service.
    My clients are mostly small businesses - also known as cheapskates - and they used to complain about my $10 per month charge for hosting - GoDaddy only charges $2.99!!!! (and other, similar complaints).

    In light of these recent events I've had to explain to them what is happening, and how much is being done behind the scenes already. I also have been "pitching" a higher level of service - both on my part and in terms of the actual "servers" being used.

    Even though these customers are cheap and ALWAYS complain about prices, they are reasonable. In this situation I've explained that the situation (web hosting/internet/hackers) is changing and evolving. The old days of throwing a site out there on a hosting plan with a minimal password and expecting it to stay 'safe' for years are over! Just as firewalls (and antivirus/antimalware) are basically a requirement these days, so is a better level of webhosting. You can certainly connect your computer without any type of firewall, but it's getting riskier day by day. Every time I look at the logs of our firewall I'm AMAZED at the number of scans and attempts to gain access to all the common RDP/VNC ports.

    I'm working with Jodo now to investigate moving over to VPS, away from my reseller plan, with the hopes of better performance, more control, and possibly getting away from some of these bot/search/spam attacks.
    I'll take the increase in costs - both hard costs from Jodo and my time, break that up, and come up with a "new" hosting plan for my customers.

    If Jodo offered a "reseller-pro" plan, maybe something that was only for existing customers, and not something they advertise to the general public, I'd pay more for that level of service to Jodo, and pass it on to my customers (at least those that want to switch).

    I believe I can justify the "new" plans based on performance and response...they can stay with their existing "plan". As long as they know that price is directly tied to both performance and support...the choice is theirs!
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  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    interesting idea.....thanks for input.
  7. cdog

    cdog Perch

    Sounds good to me too..
  8. bro

    bro Perch

    And me... I'd be interested in moving my sites to a well-resourced tightly-controlled cluster with completely separate IPs, including mail, away from the public signup servers, where my clients don't have to put up with the general mayhem, and can count on increased reliability, root and secure access (SFTP!), and better immunity from mail blacklisting. It's all possible elsewhere, of course, but I for one would like to keep the easy usability of Hsphere and reasonable costs that allow me to make reselling a few dozen hosting accounts financially viable without having to spend most of my life on the command line.
  9. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We are trying to come up with something, we may ask some questions in coming days, Hsphere is really out of the question for SFTP and such, root would require a VPS, not reseller, but other than that we are looking at the options. If we went this route and not on Hsphere it would most certainly include a migration service provided by us to the new platform. We love the multiplatform Hsphere system, the Parallels PPA is close to having this now but some glaring omissions still, (no server move tool for one) and we're keeping a close eye on it, and looking at other options as well. We don't think most would be willing to do with a cpanel+websitepanel combo or something as UIs entirely different, with no unity at all. But we are certainly open to input we'd like to make something like this yes I will say.
  10. hafa

    hafa Perch

    I'd be interested in this type of service as well. I don't allow anyone to sign up for hosting, setting up all accounts myself, and have only one customer that uses the control panel.
  11. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Just as an update, we've not forgotten the requests and working on it!
  12. antic

    antic Perch

    Interesting discussion here. Every hosting hiccup is a pain, but every service has them. It's how problems & support are handled that counts. Can't imagine a better service than Jodo at this cost level, and I daresay at higher ones too. (Don't quote me on that - I don't want to be blamed for price hikes) :)

    However I do think the separation of service types is a great idea. Wordpress is a high-profile target. Keeping those target accounts on a separate set of servers would probably make things easier for everyone.

    Perhaps create a "CMS-Only" hosting account, for people simply wanting an install of WP, Joomla, Drupal, etc. They're kept separate from the normal accounts, and a bit cheaper, to attract those kinds of users. The latest version of the selected CMS is set up in the account upon sign-up. Updates to the core code are *forcibly* applied to everyone as they become available - it would be part of the TOS, to always use the latest version.

    If the above made sense, I wouldn't even mind a complete ban on installing open source CMSs on normal accounts. Make us use a "CMS Only" account for those clients, if we really want em. :)
  13. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Better than that may come soon :) I have a conference call on Wednesday with some Q&A before we go any further.
  14. antic

    antic Perch

    Cool.. Never a dull moment around here! (In a good way) :)
  15. david3rd

    david3rd Perch

    I too would be VERY interested in something like this. I would gladly pay a premium for an increase in stability/service. The main things I would be interested in would be a separation of my clients from the "general population" of sites. Perhaps some kind of monitoring so that issues where we suddenly get "directory listing denied", it gets fixed before I get a complaint from a client. Automatic, routine virus scanning and reporting/notification so, again, we don't have to hear from the client about it first. Something more "proactive" where things are managed such that we would rarely (if ever) hear from a client first about a problem. (Oh, and support staff that understand page routing so they don't keep telling me to upload my default page ;) )

    Though I also really like the current "spread" of servers that if one goes down for hardware, it only affects a fraction of my clients. Not sure how that same sort of "spread" could be accomplished with a separate service (but that's why I'm not a network admin). :)

    I find it interesting how I recognize the majority of names on this thread from other hosts I've been at (years ago) - somehow we all ended up here and have stayed here. :)
  16. Penhall

    Penhall Perch

    I'd also love to have access to a premium MAIL SERVER that is away from the general population with lesser chance of being blacklisted because of abuse.
  17. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We're testing something now that will address all this on the linux side, and already working with them for a windows (2012+ only, so MODERN from the start) solution as well!

    It will also add a lot 'more', I am pretty excited about it myself and I am the windows guy here!

    It will also address FTP/SFTP etc out of box with full secure support out of box, and the option to disable FTP for an account as well so it isn't even possible to FTP in.


    Not sure if you know it or not but I may be one of those you know of from other places, oh a decade+ ago now. I was elsewhere in hosting before here, entering my 10th year here, I had a slight overlap with another(it is defunct after a turnover or two) as I started here freelance/part time.
  18. BorderWeb

    BorderWeb Guppy

    I just wanted to jump in here. I'm a bit of a tight wad. But I would be happy to support the jodo crew and pay DOUBLE what I'm paying now.... ... if it ment better mailserver reputation. I'd like to use one of my IPs for all of the outbound mail from my reseller account.
  19. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    What I've done is set up a website that does nothing. For the index page I show a graphic that says the domain is for sale. You can grab this from any number of sites that are for sale.

    Anybody that happens upon the site soon leaves......so there is little chance of hacking, or somebody grabbing the mail server there.

    I added an EMail account at that site, and I send my EMails from other sites using that account and SMTP login.

    This works pretty well......Make sure you use secure passwords. Something like: K345RT20erZ2

  20. zardiw

    zardiw Perch

    Maybe it's time to hire some more network/hosting experts to take some of the load off Stephen and others???


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