Installing Web Wiz Forums (WWF) SQL Server Edition.


Installing Web Wiz Forums (WWF) SQL Server Edition.

To stop getting permission denied errors when installing WWF follow these simple steps.

1. Create your MSSQL database from the control panel.

2. Select a login for this database.

3. In the WWF file msSQL_server_setup.asp replace every instance of dbo with your login name


'*** Create the tables *****

'Create the Category Table
strSQL = "CREATE TABLE [dbo].[" & strDbTable & "Category] ("
strSQL = strSQL & "[Cat_ID] [smallint] IDENTITY (1, 1) PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED NOT NULL ,"
strSQL = strSQL & "[Cat_name] [nvarchar] (60) NOT NULL ,"
strSQL = strSQL & "[Cat_order] [smallint] NOT NULL DEFAULT (1) "
strSQL = strSQL & ") ON [PRIMARY]"

change every [dbo] in the file to [myloginname]

Upload all the files as per the WWF instructions.
You can also use Enterprise Manager to give execute permissions to your database login... gets the same result.
Very true Wheemer, but this is much much quicker and easier for newbies, who probably don't have or know how to use Enterprise Manager. This post was someone else's idea, but it was buried somewhere in another thread. Also, most solutions to this permission denied problem involved raising a ticket to get support to change the permissions or something, whereas this is dead easy and saves everyones time.
You say change all the <dbo> in file is that mean the whole file or just the protion mentend above. I see places to change the <dbo> through out the whole page.
Yes I believe that you need to change every instance of dbo with your mssql username. Since the database will then be created with your username as the owner, all scripts should have full permissions then.