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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by Yash, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. relisol

    relisol Perch

    The CP, HelpDesk, and all my sites are down.... I've been trying to access the cp since this morning to find the new dns ips with no luck.

    My 1st question is how long will it take for everything to be back up?

    And the 2nd is I don't know if my phone #'s are correct on the cp, and since it's down, how can I get the new ips?

    <edit> All websites are back up now...</edit>
  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    even helpdesk is working..

    All sites are working.. Only CP is down
  3. relisol

    relisol Perch

    I'm getting this error when I try to access the helpdesk:

    Not Found
    The requested URL /support/index.php was not found on this server.

    This is the url I'm using:, is it correct?
  4. Yash

    Yash Bass

    ok.. i understand what's wrong in the helpdesk.. it has nothing to do with DNS migration. It is down because we had made custom configurations to make the helpdesks work.. the ipmigrator script removed them..

    We'll fix them shortly...
  5. relisol

    relisol Perch

    Why is it that everytime I raise an issue usualy the first response I get is either "it's fixed" or "not true" before you guys even had a look at the problem?
  6. Yash

    Yash Bass

    the helpdesk i was using was working.. the one we are using to answer tickets...

    I have had very little sleep in the last 4 days.. so maybe I came off wrong
  7. relisol

    relisol Perch

    ok, I understand... it's just really annoying when you get that sort of reply so often, though not from you I get similar replies quite often from the support staff...

    Btw. It does sound like a DNS related issue with the reseller desk, since the "support" folder doesn't seem to be even there it means that either 1. domain name is pointing to the wrong server, or 2. the website is listening to the wrong ip address (and sending us to the wrong website), or 3. wrong host header name. My money is on #2 since you seem to be sure it ain't #1.

    Unless the support folder housing the helpdesk is not a physical folder then the problem would be with the alias...

    If you go to you get a webpage with links to the web utils, if that's not supposed to be bellow the helpdesk (i don't know) then it should tell you what the prob is...

    Just trying to help... :)
  8. Yash

    Yash Bass

    relisol, thanks for your analysis but the issue is because the configs got removed..
  9. relisol

    relisol Perch

    No problem. If that's the issue why is it taking so long?

    <edit>Actually that doesn't make much sense, the error I'm getting is 404 - Page Not Found</edit>
  10. relisol

    relisol Perch

    If only the configs are removed you would get an error similar to this one (i just installed the helpdesk on a dev. server):

    Only way you would get a 404 error is if one of the 4 conditions I stated above is true or the whole thing was removed, not just the config files.

    It's a shame that you guys make a big issue out of the simplest stuff. It shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes to fix this problem for a qualified administrator, even less if you where right as the config file only contains 15 constants with database connection, and app paths (common sense stuff).
  11. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    We do not run the standard Cerberus, we run Cerberus xSP, which has multiple site configs, and is quite different than the downloadable Cerberus, and can not be compared on errors.
  12. relisol

    relisol Perch

    It doesn't matter, if only the config files where missing index.php will try to run, it will look for the appropriate config files and when it doesn't find it then it would break with a script error similar to the one I posted above.

    An easy way to prove it is go to your installation dir and rename index.php to index.old, then create a new index.php but only put "HELLO WORLD" on it, then try to access the helpdesk from a browser, you will find that you can't access your hello world file because your domain name is not pointing to the right website (maybe the right server, but not the right site).

    I'm 100% sure on this because if I go to:

    I get the following error:

    Not Found
    The requested URL /support/ was not found on this server.

    that can only mean that the support folder is not there....
  13. relisol

    relisol Perch

    You don't get it, the error we're getting is a 404 error, this error can only happen when the file you try to access is missing, if index.php were there then we would get a script error.

    It doesn't matter what software you're running.

    Just do my Hello World test and you'll see my point, even easier, place a gif file on the same folder as index.php and then try to access it from your browser, you won't be able to!

    Even try to access the helpdesk logo directly from your browser, you can't!
  14. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Cerberus xSP will throw a 404 error even if it exists, but it is not worth trying to tell you anything, you don't even care.
  15. cca

    cca Perch

    Should this read...No Access?

    Haven't been able to access for about 10 hrs even though my ip's already were 204.'s

    Is the eta Monday?
  16. relisol

    relisol Perch

    Not true!

    Not only so but the above statement show how ignorant you are about it. When I tried to access the support folder using this url:

    I'm not specifying index.php, so the webserver will automatically look for index.php or any other predefined index, now the only way to get the url I typed from php to fake the 404 error as you're suggesting is as follows:


    but even if cerberus is faking a 404 error as you're suggesting even if I type on my browser $_SERVER["PATH_INFO"] will still return /support/index.php cause PHP itself doesn't know that the webserver found the index for me.

    So it's technically impossible that the cerberus generated that error cause PHP wouldn't know what I typed on my browser, only the webserver know, therefore the error we're getting is generated by the server and not the PHP script. As it is impossible for anyone to generate that error from a PHP script.

    You're the one who's not listening.

    The truth is that right now your cp and help desk have been down all day and you don't know how to fix it. I'm being nice enough to tell you exactly what's wrong with your server. Instead of being so proud and argue with me you might want to listen to me, otherwise your making yourself look bad cause a lot of people who read this post know what I'm talking about and can tell how you guys are defensively making up stuff trying not to look bad.

    bold text are edits...
  17. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    listen, this has all been fixed, and you don't know what you are talking about, as their are many places to configure, cerberus, apache, php, etc, this this really stupid to keep posting over something that was fixed LONG ago.
  18. relisol

    relisol Perch

    I do know exactly what I'm talking about, IT STILL HASN'T BEEN FIXED!!



  19. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    1. I am Windows support, and 2. I have been using the helpdesk all afternoon with no issues, I did not see the previous posts with the URL given, just that the helpdesk was not working.

    PLEASE lose the attitude.
  20. JoCald

    JoCald <i>uber</> Gold Fish

    Relisol, the Cerberus Helpdesk Jodohost uses is to supply the Anon Support feature, meaning it depends entirely on the config files mentioned by Yash, due to the multi-site aspect of this version of Cerberus.
    The fact that JodoHost staff has access to the helpdesk means that none of your "solutions" are valid as the helpdesk itself is indeed working ..what's not working are the config files (clients access to the helpdesk).
    Your intentions may be good but you're just stealing time from the Admins, who by the looks of it haven't had much rest.
    Claiming you know more of a system than the very people that set it up and mantain it on a daily basis is arrogant at the very least (but its probably just due to the stress most of us are going through because of our clients ;) ).

    I hope this issue gets resolved ASAP as it damages business both to JodoHost as well as us, but calling JodoHost's support team ignorant and incompetent is nowhere near the truth. Their support is one of the many reasons I do business with them.


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