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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by Yash, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. relisol

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    Thanks a lot for admitting my point that YOU ARE NOT LISTENING OR PAYING PROPER ATTENTION as you said yourself "I did not see the previous posts with the URL given". I think before saying absolutely anything you should have read the whole thread, otherwise you're talking yet YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. That's BASIC communication skills, if you don't have that then you're not properly qualified for your job. If you didn't read it before you stuck your head in, at least you should have before you caught the attitude and the insults (stupid, don't listen, don't know what you're talking, etc.) and as it turns they all apply to you. After all that the least you should have done is apologize instead of making excuses,

    1. If you're Windows support you shouldn't have argued about something you don't know about,
    2. If you would have read the whole thread you will see that between 4:21-4:56pm Yash realized that he had made the same mistake as you in assuming that because your helpdesk works our front-end should too. You would also find that I'm not the only one having this problem all day!

    Unlike you I don't talk unless I know what I'm talking about, I diagnose these problems on a day-to-day basis. There might a problem with cerberus config files, but first there is a problem with the webserver and technically it can't possibly be anything else than one of the possiblities I mentioned about 6 hours ago or a dns issue which Yash ruled out, so before you can even diagnose there's a problem with the helpdesk config you need to make it accessible on the webserver. I've given you instructions a 5 years old can follow, you can't be that stupid!

    Ah and sorry for the attitude, but you need to understand it's been provoked, I'm just being human...
  2. relisol

    relisol Perch

    What you say about cerberus (that there's a problem with the config files) might be correct, but as I've been stressing there is also a problem with the webserver that needs to be addressed before you can even diagnose that there is a problem with cerberus, simply put the helpdesk is located at X folder on the harddrive but the webserver is looking at Y. And only one of the solutions I offered above will fix it.

    Cerberus helpdesk is a separate app. than the back-end, yours might work but the one we're talking about (Stephen didn't even knew which one it was as he didn't read the whole thread, as probably you didn't either) is general one for all resellers. Yours might work but that one is having the problem I diagnosed and they're ignorant to it, and the only reason I'm upset is because they wouldn't listen.

    That is not true, it so happens that many think I know more about their systems than themselves or else I would be jobless, it also happens that I'm surrounded by similar systems right now, and diagnose this sort of problems on a day to day basis and know exactly what I'm talking about, if you read this thread carefully you will see that when Stephen realized he was wrong he said: "I am Windows support", in other words he doesn't know about it cause it's unix.
  3. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Let me explain to you EXACTLY why its a config problem and not a DNS problem. I do not talk without knowing the facts:

    Cerberus runs on ONE domain on web2.. resellerdesk and all the helpdesks for resellers are added manually to httpd as an alias of that domain. Now since the aliases are no longer there, the aliases would give a 404 error when trying to hit certain paths and would give our standard hsphere page when the actual page is called.

    It will be fixed shortly. The IP migration has prevented us from doing so still now
  4. Yash

    Yash Bass

  5. relisol

    relisol Perch

    Yash, that is exactly what I've said all along if you read my posts, that was my solution #2 and #3 on my 5:17 post:

    to which you replied "relisol, thanks for your analysis but the issue is because the configs got removed."

    Now you seem to be talking about the httpd file as I suggested more explicitly on my 10:28pm post a few minutes ago.

    Now I really don't understand how could the IP migration kept you from fixing the issue hours ago, unless of course you just realized EXACTLY what was going on when I explicitly told you what to look for on the httpd file?

    Thanks for fixing it.
  6. maverick1911

    maverick1911 Perch

    Buddy, I have one thing to say to u, but u know what, i think you know what it is, so i'm not going to run my mouth. If you have an issue and it is w/ the help desk then use the Live Chat. The reason i'm telling u this is because Jodohost staff have wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better things to worry about than the helpdesk site being up. If the IP migration isn't completed all of the resellers (including me!!!!) will need to answer hundreds of calls and emails on monday. Be glad, JH staff are very open with their operations. If you know so much, run your own hosting, relax and take a chill pill. damn!!! i've been reading your messages and I can see Stephen getting annoyed and dude, that guy rarely gets annoyed, nice dude to work w/, infact i spoke to him about SSL few days ago, very helpful and knowledgeable.
  7. maverick1911

    maverick1911 Perch

    I agree 150%!!! seems like you haven't been w/ the JH family that long to realize the powerful service they provide. Can you name on hosting company that has a transparent operation as JodoHost? Before you run your mouth, think about the priorities. I know having the helpdesk would be great, but what if you can have the helpdesk, but no DNS servers?? would that be fun?? i'm sure then u'll run your mouth about JH staff being incompetent to complete their tasks on time, lol, the irony!!!
  8. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Just to let everyone know, the IP migration is 100% complete...

    We have been working non-stop for 4 days.. Let me tell you, migrating 900 IPs with a deadline over your head is not easy. We encountered many many problems during the entire process but we do believe we got everything done and working propelry

    I'm going to take some time off now to watch some TV and get some sleep :)
  9. maverick1911

    maverick1911 Perch

    Wicked, I see my new ns2 ip address. I guess now I have to do some homework in updating the domains.

    Good job JH staff!!!

    Didn't have any downtime at all, except CP
  10. maverick1911

    maverick1911 Perch

    Don't forget to have a few cold ones 8)
  11. maverick1911

    maverick1911 Perch

    Then I suggest my friend that you get yourself a nice datacenter and run your own hosting. And let me sign up for your service and find a few hundred problems. Its easy to point fingers and harass the staff. I'm sure the staff aren't sitting w/ their legs up on the table drinking beer and walking TV, quite the opposite. We should have a poll to find out the # of hours of sleep the entire staff had. My guess 20 hrs for the entire team even that is a high number.

    Good job JH!!! Always great!
  12. largerabbit

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    Sorry if this has been covered already.

    When will the db servers be changed from 64.156..... ip's? It's just that some of my apps used the ips rather than alias domains as it speeded up connection times. (SO I had better change them!!)

  13. Yash

    Yash Bass

    We will be broadcasting the database IPs locally so you won't have to change them..

    However, the new IPs for msssql1 to mssql3 will show up shortly in the Control Panel. If you want to change immediately, u can use these IPs:

  14. maverick1911

    maverick1911 Perch

    Hope it helps.
  15. megan

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    Thanks SubSpace for answering my post :) - you said:

    So, Yes I am a reseller but a total newbie at this end of things (first time etc) - I signed up to be a reseller so I could host my own multiple projects rather than actually sell hosting, but I am liking JodoHost so much that I am thinking of trying to learn more and then as I gain confidence, upgrading.

    After I signed up, I did not do anything except try to follow the directions in the reseller tutorials. Does that mean I am on "generic IPs" ?? if so what do you suggest I do and how do I do it. ??

    BTW - I wish one of you very knowledgeable resellers would create a sort of "Reseller Bootcamp" giving info on how to be a good reseller etc.

    Thanks, Megan
  16. Yash

    Yash Bass

    I have been asking Stephen to create flash tutorials for resellers continuously but he is so busy :( He spent $1K on that software..

    I'd love if anyone would contribute to some nice articles for resellers. we could put it up on the site with appropriate credit
  17. megan

    megan Perch

    Yash - I would just LOVE that too :D - If anything like that gets going, please put me on the list to be notified

    thanks, ~megan

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