Unable to empty the Trash can in Msn Hotmail

Discussion in 'TechTalk' started by umeshsunderam, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    I'm unable to empty my Hotmail trash can while using IE browser. when i try to empty i get a error message saying "An error has occurred. Click here to resolve the issue" clicking on it opens the same MSN Hotmail Web page dialog box asking me if i'm sure if i wanted to permanently delete all messags in the folder" clicking "ok" doesnt bring any change messages are still there in the trash can.

    requesting help. ?(
  2. PgUpPgDn

    PgUpPgDn Guppy

  3. bonza_rulz

    bonza_rulz Guest

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    Y cant i delete messages from my trash can. I need help. :(
  4. lawless

    lawless Guppy

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    Having the same problem, contacted Hotmail Help all I got was Microsoft gobbledegook that was to reset my security setting [yeah right]. Bit of a difference though; the "Web Dialogue" box you refer to (on my pc) doesn't have any text, i.e. it's blank. Also the "Click here for help . . ." message opens up a help window in Japanese - yes, Japanese. I'm writing from Australia!

    H-E-L-P anyone . . . H-E-L-P us please :(

  5. Underdog

    Underdog Perch

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    Log out of Hotmail.
    Close the browser.

    Log in again and check.
    They will go away.
  6. lawless

    lawless Guppy

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    Thanks for that Cerberus. Unfortunately it didn't work. Hotmail Support still insists it's my problem NOT a Hotmail problem even though I have direct them to JodoHost et al to see just how many people are having the same (and similar problems).

    The problem persists . . .
  7. cyberworld

    cyberworld Guest

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    Same Story Here - Not Only Trash Can But Spam Folder Thus My Mailbox Is Over Quota And Changes In Options Are Not Changed .i Also Get The Wrong Language Help
    Strangely This Problem With Web Dialog Not Working Is Not With All Hotmail Accounts/continents .
    Sooo Don't Worry Surely Somebody Has Gotten Inside Hotmail And Msn Just Doesn't Realize It
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    hotmail/msn has been having issues recently,I too have noticed.
  9. lori2264

    lori2264 Guest

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    I finally found a way. Go onto Microsoft Explorer and go to hotmail.com. Open your account. Now, open your trash can and hit delete. It works. Sometimes I'd log into a different browser and I wouldn't get rid of my trash for days. Go through Explorer.
  10. Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    Hi Ladies and Gents, I'm also having exactly the same problem, it started yesterday 08 dec 2005. I have 4 msn screen names and on only 1 of my msn hotmail accounts can I empty the trashcan what's happening with the other 3 accounts I thought? (thinking it was something with my computer) but after seeing other people with the same problem I thought crikey here we go again (another problem with microsoft itself) :( I've tried all the suggestions on this thread but none have worked, if anyone has any other suggestions I'm sure I won't be the only one who is grateful.
    Many Thanks... Trevor
  11. Scathach

    Scathach Guest

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    Hello from the Netherlands....The same problem here, but I have found a way to empty trash. The prob is Internet Explorer. Download Mozilla Firefox, and than go to www.hotmail.com, and you can empty trash without problems :)

  12. hiltonh

    hiltonh Guest

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    haven't worked out how to do it properly but there is a way around it. Send the messages from your trash can to another folder. Tick them in the folder and then click junk. This will send them to your junk email. If you then go to your junk email and click 'empty' you will be rid of your messages.

    Long way round and stupid I know but if you need to get rid of them it will work.
  13. Helmgirlie

    Helmgirlie Guppy

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    Hi! I am also from the Netherlands. I have the same trouble with my Hotmail account since a few days. I can't delete my trash can. Plus the "help" option appears in another language (Swedish) and if I have my account set to the Dutch language, I get an older version of Hotmail. Looks like non-HTML. I've emailed Hotmail, but to no avail. yet :( But I've installed Mozilla Firefox yesterday, and that indeed helps. Through Mozilla I was able to empty trash without problems. So, you must have been right, it is an Internet Explorer problem. BTW: Is there a way to fix this IE problem?

    Cheers from Olga
  14. Irina777

    Irina777 Guest

    I am unable to empty the Trash Can in MSN Hotmail.

    When I click on Empty a window informs me that an error has occurred and that I should click on the OK box provided.

    When I do this nothing happens.;(
  15. bro

    bro Perch

    Did you ask Hotmail support what's wrong with their mail system? I'm sure it's been pointed out before, but this isn't a Hotmail support forum.

    What did you think was going to happen? Presumably if they knew how to fix it, it wouldn't have happened in the first place.

    If I may make a suggestion, why don't you get a real email account, and give up using an account which seems to permanently suffer from problems just like this one? It's easy to determine this if you search for "trash can hotmail problem" on Google. It returns 1,420,000 hits including, unfortunately, this forum. Google may be a popular way to find things on the net, but it isn't really all that smart, and you shouldn't regard its responses as definitive.

    Most ISPs give an address or ten away free with your internet access. It's probably the most reliable email account you will get. You could even buy a domain name and have an address that belongs to you, rather than to Microsoft. You can host it anywhere, including places like Jodohost, and take it with you when you move ISPs or hosts. These other options are advertising and hassle free, so why are continuing to struggle with a company that not only seems unable to give you an address that actually works correctly, but doesn't even provide useful support when it goes wrong?

    Failing all that, and if you're still determined to get something for nothing no matter how poorly performing, you could try Gmail or Yahoo or one of the many other free email account providers. They don't all seem to be suffering from the same total incompetence Hotmail does.
  16. mike utt

    mike utt Guest

    The hotmail trash won't empty thread

    Trash can will not empty
  17. Yash

    Yash Bass

  18. bro

    bro Perch

    Re: [email protected]

    I guess people keep saying things like 'hotm*il support". It attracts Googlers like flies to sh*t. :)

    Might be worth do a find-and-replace on the 'hotm*il' bit throughout the site, though it is attracting all these potential customers for free...:rolleyes:

    Maybe you should set up a cheap email only package?
  19. Helmgirlie

    Helmgirlie Guppy

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    I received an email from Hotmail that they were aware of the problem and were fixing it. As of now, my account is working properly again... *keeps fingers crossed* :]
  20. bigchief

    bigchief Guppy

    Hi Guys,

    Believe it or not - the problem is with Microsoft's own browser, 'Internet Explorer'. Can you believe it? Yes, actually I can.

    I downloaded the 'Opera' browser, logged onto Hotmail, and I am now able to empty my Trash can, and also delete contacts from the addressbook.

    So all you have to do is either download FireFox or Opera and log onto Hotmail via this browser, and the problem is solved.


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