Unable to empty the Trash can in Msn Hotmail

Discussion in 'TechTalk' started by umeshsunderam, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Helmgirlie

    Helmgirlie Guppy

    Yes, I think you are right. The last few weeks I got trouble again with Hotmail. I did download Mozilla Firefox and with that browser I am able to delete the trash folder.
    Is Opera a good browser?
  2. johnbeasy

    johnbeasy Guppy

    Re: Unable to empty Hotmail trash can

    HI - I JUST found the solution through another place. Someone said it is a INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER problem - and the only way is ANOTHER browser to view hotmail. They suggested to down load OPERA browser which I did.

    BINGO - When I open hotmail through that browser there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with that function.

    I suggest you do that cos it WORKS

    ALL the best

    John Beasy
  3. Helmgirlie

    Helmgirlie Guppy

    Could you give us an url from where you can download Opera?

    Cheers and thanks from Helmgirlie
  4. johnbeasy

    johnbeasy Guppy

    Hi - all I did was go to ""search'" in my explorer browser and type in OPERA and it came up with the site.

    Good luck
  5. Helmgirlie

    Helmgirlie Guppy

  6. MsAlaya

    MsAlaya Guest

    Hey to all!
    Just wanted to thank BigChief for his post, I have always had problems with MSN trash can, just need to get rid of something as soon as it comes in:) Very frustrating not being able to!
    I use Firefox all the time except when using MSN when I go through Internet Explorer, so did what you said & went through on Firefox, & BAM all gone!
    So again, HUGE thanks BigChief.

  7. ElijahBailey

    ElijahBailey Guest

    This is a similar problem to being unable to delete contacts. All you get is the An Error Has Occurred message that doesn't do anything.

    I was able to fix all these problems with the following guide from the hotmail help faq but I think maybe the best suggestion was to use a different browser. Anyway, if you want to fix that bug in Internet Explorer, this is the procedure:

    Start Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then click Internet Options.

    On the General tab, click Delete Cookies.

    When you're prompted to confirm, click OK.

    Click Delete Files, select the Delete All Offline Content check box, and then click OK. This step may take several minutes if you have many files.

    Click the Advanced tab, and then click Restore Defaults.

    Click the Security tab.

    Click the Internet icon, click Default Level, and then click Apply. Repeat this process for the Restricted and Trusted Sites zones.

    Click the Trusted Sites icon.

    Click Sites, and then clear the Require server verification for all sites in this zone check box.
    Under Add this Web site to the zone, type *.hotmail.com, and then click Add. Repeat this process for *.passport.com and *.msn.com. Click OK.

    Click the Privacy tab, and then click Sites. If you don't see the Privacy tab, go to the "Configure your security software" step.

    Under Address of Web site, type Hotmail.com, and then click Allow. Repeat this process for Live.com, Passport.com, and MSN.com. Click OK.

    On the Privacy tab, click Default if the privacy setting is not already set to Medium
  8. Afroman231

    Afroman231 Guest

    I can empty it through IE but not Firefox. Please help me

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