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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales' started by webtech, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. webtech

    webtech Perch

    Hi all

    I currently have a reseller account with Unitedhosting. This costs me ?23 per month with a 30 domain hosting limit and a 30Gb bandwidth. I have 3Gb disk space available and the only other cost is for a dedicated IP address for a domain at ?2 per month, which I use when installing a secure certificate for an oscommerce shop.

    I guess I'm here asking these questions because I'm a little unsure if jodohost has the same features and I haven't 'missed' anything when looking at the website!!

    I'm also a little nervous of transferring all my sites over so one of my questions is if anybody has transferred to jodohost and what was the experience like????

    I also use ecommerce a lot and unitedhosting allowed you to install your own secure certificates.......do jodohost allow this (some don't)?????

    Also oscommerce was easily installable with a few clicks of the mouse using the 'powertools' section of the ensim server control software...........is there a similar feature at jodohost????

    I would be using a value or silver host option and wondered about the offer...........if I buy 4 months initially does this mean I get 8 months free?????.........sounds too good to be true!

    Also I'm a bit confused about the user accounts on each plan....can someone explain further about these.......if you get unlimited domains and unlimited email accounts what are these limited user accounts for (sorry if I'm being stupid!)

    I'm a bit worried about the 99.5% uptime as this could equate to 0 minutes per week which is a lot of downtime.........you can see the status of the unitedhosting servers at all times and I wondered if anyone could tell me the actual downtime experienced over the last 6ish months.

    Does anyone have any experience of the support offered as it is usually very good at UH

    One of the reasons that I am thinking of moving is to use sitestudio...........is this still available and able to be used on all domains?????

    Sorry for all the questions (there may be more!!) and I would welcome to hear any experiences with jodohost.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    You seem to be one worried reseller :) We have been in the business for almost 3 years now and host many many resellers and customers.

    1) Transfer experience... We've helped some resellers move upto 100 websites with no issues at all... Once they create the accounts in our reseller control panel, we could assist them in moving files or databases
    2) You can install your own SSL certificates
    3) oscommerce has a one-click install with us too
    4) The offer means that when you signup, you'd get two months free only ONCE.. The offer is expiring very soon so you better take advantage of it soon :)
    5) The # of user accounts is the total number of customers you want to host or the total number of customers you wish to give a separate control panel to. Each account can host unlimited domains and email addresses... It depends on the plan limitations for that account which you have set..
    6) We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee... For the last 6 months, almost all our servers have met it..
    7) SiteStudio is available on all domains
  3. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    I've seen you mention 99.9% uptime guarantee a few times now, but the SLA still states 99.5% ?
  4. Yash

    Yash Bass

    We updated our SLA to 99.9% a while back.. However yes I do see there is a mistake there still mentioning 99.5%. We'll correct that shortly
  5. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    I would just like to add that Jodo has the best support here. They really do try there very best to help you. They have assisted me!!
    The hardest bit I would say is getting to grips with H-sphere. I came from Cpanel, and it was quite a change!!! So, I saw u mentioned Esnim, so u had better check out and plan your transfer b4 u go ahead. But Im sure Jodo will help u with that too.

    Also, If ur updating some of the website, can I point out the Whyus? page. To accomodate for the bandwith providors etc.

  6. webtech

    webtech Perch

    Hi All

    Thanks for the information. The project I am thinking of would require each person to have access to sitestudio which means if I have got it right that they would also need access to a control panel which means in turn that if I had the silverhost option I could only host 30 sites!

    Am I right..........hope not cos I was seriously thinking of moving and its taken me ages to find a 'suitable' host.
  7. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Each additional user account only costs $0.50/month..

    Also, each domain under a user account can have sitestudio.. And you don't need to give them access to the control panel to use sitestudio.. you can give them the sitestudio URL directly
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    Sorry, there is a bit of confusion on SiteStudio, it will work for multiple domains with the same login, each will not have a different login in SiteStudio with the way SiteStudio and hsphere work together.
  9. webtech

    webtech Perch

    Now I'm getting confused!!

    Lets say I have domain1.com, domain2.com & domain3.com

    Each is a separate entity and always will be.

    The way I see it is that each domain would have to have a user account, a.) to remain separate and b.) to use sitestudio separately.

    Am I right????????

  10. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    You can have as many domains under 1 control panel account as you like. They all have seperate folders, and each domain works. just under the same CP. (1 username and password)
    And so with 1 CP, u have 1 site studio account.

    I think thats correct.
    Does that help?
  11. webtech

    webtech Perch

    So...........if 10 separate non-related people wanted to use sitestudio to create 10 separate non-related websites.........what would I need???????

    really really confused now........I think I need some beer to understand this!!

    ?( ?( ?(
  12. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    You will need seperate control panels for each if you need different logins for them.
  13. webtech

    webtech Perch

    If the 10 people had the same logins but different domain names then could any of the ten people change any of the 10 sites???????

    Maybe its easier to ask how you would access sitestudio if it is not through the cp

    :] :( ?(
  14. webtech

    webtech Perch

    everyone gone to bed?????????? :]
  15. Ravi

    Ravi Perch

    Yes, If one has access to Control Panel, he can work on everything listed under that Control Panel.

    SiteStudio is through CP only.
  16. webtech

    webtech Perch

    OK, thanks ravi, time for some zeds!

  17. webtech

    webtech Perch

    And another question (sorry guys) about site studio...

    Is it possible to keep users on sub domains separate??



    and can they separately be allocated a user account and cp to separately use sitestudio??????

  18. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    They'd need separate control panels to restrict access to a single subdomain.
    As far as I know, you'd have to add the second level domain to the DNS manager, allowing third level domain hosting. Then different people could sign up for third level domain hosting under that domain (provided that option is enabled on the plan they choose)

    You'd probably want to moderate signups for plans that allow third level domain hosting, especially if you add a domain owned by one of your customers to the DNS manager as described.

    Alternatively you could probably set it up by not creating DNS zones when asked and adding manual A or CNAME records to domain in the main plan. I'd recommend experimenting a bit with the options and then decide what's best for your situation.
  19. webtech

    webtech Perch

    Thanks subspace for your reply but if I'm honest its a bit over my head..............would I be able to get help to do this or would I be free fall on my own???

  20. Ravi

    Ravi Perch

    There are several Hsphere docs at psoft.net that you can refer to or you can ask with us if there is anything going over your head.

    As always, we will try to do our best to get you through :]

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