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Discussion in 'Email Support' started by ejones, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. ejones

    ejones Guppy

    where is phplist in the H Sphere Control Panel? Are there settings there that I need to set or is this something I can do by running page scripts? Anyone know a thread here to get started using phplist?

  2. nzkiwi

    nzkiwi Perch

    As far as I am aware, phplist is not installed. The only mailing list I know is available by default is ezmlm, which is integrated into the h-Sphere Mail Manager. In the E-mail Setup Functions E-mail Setup Functions select New Mailing List instead of New E-mail.

    If you want phplist you could install it yourself by downloading it from the phplist website
  3. ejones

    ejones Guppy

    I did try setting up the ezmlm list but it does not support HTML, images, etc. or so I was told when I opened a support ticket. The tech from the ticket told me to check here at the forums to see how to set up phpList and that phpList would support the Newsletter type of mailing list that I wanted.

    I am on one of the Jodo windows shared hosting plans. I am not sure I will be able to install the phplist server-side app and needed files.

    Thanks for the help.

  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    phplist is not an hsphere installed app. looks on their site like it works on windows and linux both.

    BTW my mother uses the built in newsletter app to send HTML email with images all the time, it just sends what the moderator creates, which sends across HTML mail, included images, links, everything to those subscribed. I get some from her each week, many times she has made a new HTML theme for the mail.
  5. nzkiwi

    nzkiwi Perch

    I use ezmlm and can confirm that it has no problem with html formatted messages. Essentially it forwards on what it receives unaltered. So as long as your email client can send html formatted email and the subscribers' email clients can display html messages, all is well.

    If you're looking at sending individualized messages, then it is not up to the task, but otherwise it is easy to manage and run. I use it as a one-to-many newsletter with a closed subscription list. One of my clients uses it as a many-to-many mailing list with a moderated subscription list.
  6. ejones

    ejones Guppy

    nzkiwi and Stephen, thank you both.

    I think I got what you are saying and have been able to send a html formatted email to the test list. Not sure why I didn't see that what you send to the moderator is what is sent to entire list.


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