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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by thdrought, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    No, I look after the windows servers, the CP is on unix, and I work in the CP all the time, but don't work ON the CP much.
  2. tanmaya

    tanmaya APAC Operations Staff Member

    Hi All,

    Please open a ticket with the service name for which you need the WSDL file generated and i will give it to you there.

    I may be late in providing it for some services as some Hsphere classes are still buggy and so it doesnt allow to generate WSDL file (For example, MailServices).
  3. cca

    cca Perch

    How can the cp be customized like this?
    (remove the spaces in the url)

    https:// /psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.CP/linuxdemo/1146472_0/
  4. Scotty_32

    Scotty_32 Perch

    i think this person is hosting this HSphere them selfs and are not a reseller, especially not a reseller with jodohost, so i dont think you'll be able to do this

    and its not related the hshphere API

    i think with jodohost, the most you can do is change colours and backgrounds with the Hpshere default skin
  5. Greggers

    Greggers Perch

    With a lot of patience and knowledge :D

    Looks very nice though (had to link from the CP demo on the homepage as the link didn't work). Does anyone know how much work is involved in something like that?
  6. thdrought

    thdrought Perch

    You can do it with the HShpere XML API. The API controls all functionality of User Signup and Management.

    How much time and effort would it take? Depends on what language you want it programmed in.

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