DNS Issue?

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by riley, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. yorri

    yorri Perch

    Yash I have already told you that ns1 is set as the primary at my registrar. I am just interested why Hsphere is puttin ns2 on top of ns1 (it doesn't say which is primary or not...so I don't even know if it matters). I want to know if there is something I need to change in Hsphere.

    You told me that I should change my nameservers but I have them configured properly at my registrar...and haven't touched them since (which was months ago).

    So...my question still stands since you haven't answered it, do I have to change Hsphere or does someone else at Jodohost have to change it or does it even matter?
  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    Hsphere load balances the name servers by making ns2 primary for some domains and secondary for other domains. We found this procedure to be problematic and disabled it 2 months ago. But some old domains (like your's) were created using this system. So for you, ns2 is primary

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