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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by iamar, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. iamar

    iamar Perch

    I'm a JodoHost customer since 2004. That's eleven years. Eleven.

    Everything went sort of normal, technical problems from time to time, nothing serious.

    But now I've found that I'm 1GB over quota on mi disk usage. Guess how much I have to pay for that? $ 120.

    This is 2015. One GB, one, costs $ 120? Seriously?

    Of course I've contacted customer support, pointing that on JodoHost's website says $ 0.5 per extra GB: http://www.jodohost.com/add-ons.asp

    They said that my plan is old, my cost is $0.5 per extra MB and we have to pay. Period.

    This is the first company I see that instead of caring about a loyal customer, they punish him.

    Off course we're moving away from JodoHost, this is a totally unfair practice we're not going to allow. Plus we're going to tell everyone about this story, we dont want anyone near us to be a customer here.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Shubham

    Shubham Windows Team Staff Member

    We request you to send us an email at [email protected] with reseller account user name. Our management will look and surely help you in this regards.
  3. Bunchadogs

    Bunchadogs Perch

    I just got my billing notice too - I've been going through the cleaning process in the last few weeks.

    I've been with JODO for a similar amount of time - 2006 according to billing statements in the control panel.

    I've also had issues and I was equally frustrated with the Jodo billing practices. As old customers we seem to be 'stuck' on old plans with crazy overage prices. Moving to a different account seems like a LOT of trouble!

    In their defense, Jodo has always tried to work with me and offered some solutions. Ultimately, that's why I've stayed with them.

    One other thing - check your actual usage. I've had problems with accounts - and I think it might by a known issue on their Linux servers - where disk usage was not accurate. Download all the files and compare the numbers.

    It's cumbersome, but Jodo is also restricted by their platform - Parallels?

    Anyway, I was pretty upset last year and looked around and even tried some other hosts. Ultimately I decided to stay with Jodo, especially after getting support involved and looking into the options. I'm convinced there will ALWAYS be problems - hardware, billing, hacking, etc. - it really comes down to how the hosting company handles those problems.

    One other thing - check out my other thread in this forum.
    If you've got old accounts using ModLogAn (Mod Log Analyzer) consider removing that and deleting the files. I've only gone through 20 re-seller accounts and already removed over 2 GB of files. Obviously in today's world of Google Analytics it's pretty silly to even have something like ModLogAn - but it was part of my original re-seller hosting package and I've never removed it or disabled it for new accounts.
  4. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    All good tips, and yes for disk usage we will always work with you, work with finding causes of it. On the Windows side we've done things like using a directory folder analysis app to show large folders in accounts that people don't where/how space is being used. On the linux side we cant give it quite so graphically but we do often run a file size report to show larger files in an account. That obviously doesn't help if the usage is something like the above mentioned modlogan tool that has many thousands of small files that add up over time. The webalizer and modlogan both can use larger amounts of disk space especially on the older accounts where they have many years of data.

    Yes we are quite limited by Hsphere and Parallels in this, we make a lot of changes wherever possible but some especially the quota and other parts really rely a lot on them.
    There are other control panels out there, but none as powerful still as Hsphere for legacy web hosting needs. We have an exciting 2015 ahead as we work to bring new offerings to the table to meet current needs and direction of web development and cloud hosting needs!
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  5. iamar

    iamar Perch


    I did, and they're just offering a 40% discount (20 initially, 40 after this post). That's still a huge amount for just 1 GB!


    Agree and thanks. I think anyway that they should automatically switch you to their newest price/plan, and, in a case like mine, just re bill using current add-ons pricing.


    Even when my control panel doesnt match what JodoHost is reporting, $120 for a 1 GB exceess is extreme. I was expecting some "sorry, thats our old pricing, we've adjusted your bill to reflect the new one".

    Thank you all,
  6. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member


    Please mail to helpline which goes to managers, it is the proper escalation method for such matters. It is also important to note that the new plans and have some different limits and such not all even want to switch, in fact many have directly declined to switch because they had too many accounts, had done long ago prepaid accounts for a one time fee (that we are still honoring even tho we have to pay a large annual fee for them since Parallels took over), or other reasons. We do not feel it is right to just pull the rug out from under those people and end up charging them more. If you want to switch to the new plan scheme we can certainly help you do that as well. We are flexible and work with you on these matters but sometimes those that reply are going by policy, which is good and set, but you can come to us managers and we will work out a custom solution for the circumstances.
  7. iamar

    iamar Perch


    Will do, thanks.

    Regarding switching, I understand, but no one ask us for any switch, and if prices change I expect that someone ask me if I want to update my plan. No one ask us anything.

    I think you should just automatically upgrade user's plan, but made it the right way, something planned (1-2 years gap, periodical customer's notifications of deadline switch arriving, how-to's). Otherwise, customers keep stuck on very old plans (11 years!) that doesnt even have their details online! I dont know how much disk space, users, bandwidth has my original plan, because it does not exist anymore.

    Thank you, Iamar.
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We upgraded plans before the point we moved from Miami to Waco, TX, we have since upgraded the plans with more storage and bandwidth in a tweak. We did mail about the new plans when they changed to a non auto upgrading model needing a new style (license changes), and then the upgrade further on the plans when we moved to Waco, TX (mailed about it with migration notices).

    We got your mail on helpline which I accidentally replied to you directly on, the billing staff will have this taken care of within 8 hours and hopefully it is suitable and you can understand our side in doing manual billing adjustments like this take a lot of time and we'd rather work to ensure you are using under the limits, or move to new plan setup. We'll gladly help with either.

    And as a FYI the old site is available here: http://www.jodohost.com:8080/sept08/reseller.asp (but links don't work to nav around images may not load etc, linking to new url will get 404's)

    A couple differences in the plans as I recall are:
    email forwarding fully disabled on new plans (cause of spam complaints from forwarded spam, our policy is to also disable any forwarding that causes blacklists even on old)

    Included reseller end user accounts are the same, but new plans introduce a maximum amount of addons panels allowed and charges for addon panels are a different rate.

    No Linux VPS reseller, which is disabled now anyway, the last usable versions were still redhat 7.3 and that is too old and insecure to even be online anymore!

    Change in free IP addresses (a move down unlike others), IPv4 is simply too low to give them out like was done before.

    ASP.NET enterprise manager went unmaintained years ago (it is listed on the archive page, so just pointing that out)

    Frontpage Server Extensions are being axed across the board with the server updates, MS hasn't updated it in over a decade and it has many security issues.

    ColdFusion is virtually dropped now and hasn't been listed as a feature in years except on addons. We are trying to get all CF users off Hsphere and on a modern version but the latest supported version was done just at the point of this Archived copy. Ouch!

    Other than this many of the new features later versions of software etc all did flow into the old plans so it wasn't entirely left behind.

    The biggest issue many had with the change was the license nature.
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