How to setup DotNetNuke with SQL Server

cloria said:
In the portal alias, you can set several names, separeted by comas.

I think that will help a lot. Thanks!

Is that "comma list aliasing" in the DNN documentation? Did I miss it?

Mark :)
I know this is an old thread but I wanted to addmy experience - Tech support at jodohost - as usual was as helpful as they could be. Changed my permissions etc - but still I couldn't get it to work. I was getting the "error in /" page.

I ended up looking at my SQLServer settings and noticed that the size of the DB was set to 10meg and that the log file was set to 50% - and then noticed that it was already at 5meg in size!!

I changed the size of the DB to 100meg which increased the size of the log file to a potential of 50megnow, and DNN fired right up.

I don't completely understand DNN "portal alias". My DNN site is accessible at: which is the folder where I installed it on the host. If I add the portal alias as a portal alias to get access without the folder name, I get the "old" site index.html page, not the dnn default.aspx page.

If I enter as a portal alias to get a better name, I simply get a page not found error when I try access.

I am missing something!


Your DNN installation is only "hearing" the request when you visit

When you browse to your DNN installation isn't being hit because the server is doing as it should and serving up the default page for your root directory.

When you browse to, once agian your DNN installation is sitting in the /dnn2 direectory wiating to be activated while the server correctly serves up what is in the /home directory...nothing.

You need to move your DNN installation into the root directory so that it will intercept ALL the URL requests and it can then parse them correctly...right now it's only intercepting all the URL requests that begin at the /dnn2 directory.

I think...hehe...good luck
I have installed DotNetNuke in a sub folder called /dnn2. Apparently there is no easy way to have my main URL point to the DNN default page in the /dnn2 folder, what is the easiest way to move my entire DNN install to the root folder? Sounds messy!

Thanks again..

You should be able to set up a redirect in the Jodohost control panel.

Open your control panel and look halfway down the page in the "Webserver" section for an icon named "Redirect URL"

You should be able to redirect anyone coming to your main URL to the /dnn2 directory - try that first and see if that works.