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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by shamrox, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. shamrox

    shamrox Perch

    Hey Yash,

    Here it is again. If you do a whois on my domain name you get the right name servers listed again. I am having a difficult time with my name servers.

    Is there any help out there. Has anyone else set up their reseller account?

  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    All your server aliases are pinging great now. Can you pping them?
  3. shamrox

    shamrox Perch

    I can't ping them. I get unknown host. I guess I will check in the morning.
  4. shamrox

    shamrox Perch


    I just wanted to tell you thank you first. All your help and patience was great. I am looking forward to having a great future with Jodohost.

    Second thing....I have a couple of more questions.
    1) I have a question on mail server information. when i go into my service account and launch mailbox I get a ip address for a mail servername. I was wondering what I did wrong. I want to be able to use for my mail server and not a ip address. What needs to happen?

    2)If a user wants to create a IIS Application directory is there an easy way of doing it? Some hosting companies make you make a directory and then create the IIS App. A) Is there an easy way for the enduser to do this without my intervention B)If an enduser can not do it can I do it?

    3)I need to be able to set up domain registration stuff. I went to this link and i can't follow it. I think I am missing things. I don't want to keep the default price. when I go to register a new plan it comes to the part when I have to put my domain name in and pick (.com, .net....) but it is empty in that box. Any suggestions?

  5. shamrox

    shamrox Perch

    The control panel will not let me log in. Is this a problem?
  6. Yash

    Yash Bass

    1) I'll talk to PSOFT about this. You can replace the IP with and it will work. Horde resides on the unix web server, not on the mail server itself

    2) Let me consult our Windows administrator on this. I believe that an IIS App is created when you create a domain.

    3) Let me contact PSOFT about this as well.

    Which control panel are you talking about?
  7. shamrox

    shamrox Perch

    It looks like the control panel works now.

    Second I need to know about the domain registration so I can open my site.

    As far as IIS app, I want to be able to have multiple apps on a single domain. I heard that maybe the new hsphere control panel might have this option.

    Just want to check.
  8. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    We'll have to wait for HSphere 2.4 and see. In the meantime, we are doing such requests manually

    It appears that unfortunately resellers cannot integrate their own enom/opensrs account into hsphere. Hopefully this support should be introduced in 2.4
  9. shamrox

    shamrox Perch

    First question when is 2.4 going to be incorporated? Second question when a user wants to register a domain and get a site how do you do it?
  10. Yash

    Yash Bass

    1) Beta 2 for 2.4 is out. We'll probabky upgrade when it goes RC
    2) You'll have to provide some external interface. Once a domain is registered, it can simply be added to the CP

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