Server Move - NAP to MiaX



I don't see Win20 on the list, is that server not being moved?

What does the server move intail? Does "server move" mean you are copying the files from the existing servers to new servers on at the new location, or are you physically moving the machines to a different location?

Right now I think my files are being stored on a server in FL, USA. After the move will my website files be stored on a server in CA?
1) Win20 -
Thursday, March 15th 11PM EDT:
Win20, Unix10, Unix11

2) I think, based on talk about OS upgrades,that it is a physical move (just my understanding)

3) Miami. The new datacenter, in Miami, is managed by the same company that manages a huge datacenter in Los Angeles (hence the confusion).

Personally, I just hope my clients don't see any problems or excessive downtime.
I see Win20 now, but that list wasnt very well formatted so it is hard to make out.

I thought maybe they meant a physical move, but since they said it will only cause 45min-60min of down time per server. I dont think its possible to move a machine that fast, unless they plan on getting a police escort, lol.

I can just see tech support running down the street on skateboards with servers in tow.
This is just a physical move. There is no IP changes. Server is moved from one Data Center in Miami to another Data Center in Miami.

Some of the new servers of H-Sphere cluster, are already serving from new location.

Once in new Data Center, server will be connected in existing network which is already working and tested. Once connected, powered and up, it will start serving your websites.
Wow, those data centers must be really close, in order to move them that fast.

Unix2, Unix3, Unix4, etc are the same as Web2, Web3, Web4, right?

If so, I didn't realize we had 13 Unix servers. I only show up to "Web8" in my Admin CP.
The datacenters are very close, and directly linked with fiber, the physical NAP network will remain
Stephen can you confirm Cliff's question about the server names? I have been confused about this for a while. jodopulse shows unix's, although the newer servers have the web number in brackets which is helpful. Maybe this could be done for the rest?

The nameservers will be moved one at a time(aka 1 nameserver in a group, and spread over multiple days), this is so that at no point are all nameservers down.
sorry stephen, little mis-understood. Server Names or aliases, not nameservers. hehe. U must be having to many late nights at the new dc. ;)

See, in our cpanel's we see the aliases as web 2, web 3 etc. But the server move schedule describes unix 2 and unix 3. (also how jodopulse shows it, for the older servers)

The question is, is it a direct correlation, web 2 = unix2? and therefore we know that web 2 (unix2) will be moved tonight.

No it is not directly like that.
Unix2 is web
Unix1 is CP(you won't see it on move list)
Unix3 is Web2
Unix4 is mysql3
unix5 is web3
unix6 is web4
unix7 is mysql4
unix8 is web5
unix9 is web6
unix10 is web7
unix11 is mysql5
unix12 is web8
unix13 is mysql6
Cheers, thanks for that. 1 last question, Is webmail going to be moved at all, or is that on one of the unix servers listed? Sorry for interupting your work. bet your hard at it now preparing for the move!!
Incidentaly, how are you transporting them, you have a van, or just loading them in a car, supermarket trolley? hehe a couple of pics of new dc wud be cool if u get a min too.

Kind Regards
We actually have some pics of new DC, but I think I will do soem before and after each night, will be interesting to show progress.

I am not sure it will be up tonight but I plan on some page for updates on it as well.
We will be transporting only 4 at a time, in my car. packed with foam and air pillows :)
Tanmaya and I have joked a few times that the servers will be getting a short nap in a very cozy bed.
Webmail is a good question, it is a seperate server and I totally forgot about it :)

It is webmail01, will add it to the end of the schedule as an update.
I guess my question about unix3 = web3 wasn't a stupid one after-all. Is there page somewhere which shows this correlation (besides your post today)?
I haven't seen one. like i said in my previous post, it seems that the newer servers have had the correlation added in brackets to the linux jodopulse page. However, the older servers haven't been updated with this info. Would be good if this were updated. Well, after the move, as i'm sure their pretty busy preping at the moment.

We will be transporting only 4 at a time, in my car. packed with foam and air pillows :)

Please do not get into an accident, this would suck the big one.

Can you please take pictures of you loading them into the car and moving them, etc. I want to see what FL looks like too. I've never been there. I can post some pictures on my website then. It would be cool. :D

It would be cool to have a picture of Win20 on my website profile.
Servers are boring but I will take a pic, we will be doing this in the dead of night, only the 2am Saturday will be kickin as NAP side is near all the nightclubs!