Server Move - NAP to MiaX

So can you make it or not(btw he is leaving on the 19th)

Sounds like no what the way you stated?
I am still trying to make it, but it doesn't look good. I have been really busy here and it's hard to get away!

Are you guys going back thier anytime soon?
I will be, but Tanmaya won't be coming in regularly at this point.

I am doing some tidying up and off to bed. Server move today went well.
attached (taken by stephen)


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they were up about 1 minute then disappeared :(

It is the same bug that kills other attachments, Yash is looking into it.
We will post them outside the forum later today, the ones Yash posted were from my palm, which is really all we have tme to take pics with during moves as we can do them while moving easily.
That was a long later today, sorry everyone.

I have posted 2 and will post more when I have some time over on the status blog that I have made today.