Site down for over 24 hours now


I've had my site hosted with Jodo for about a month now. Yesterday, without me having made any changes it started to show a "page under construction" message.

I've logged on via FTP and all the files are there. Directory indexes are turned on. There has been no change by me since it was last working.

I have one full domain and one sub-domain like Niether are working.

Is anyone else having this problem?
A couple of days ago I asked my old host to cancel the account I had with them. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but I just logged into my domain registrar (a totally different company from my old hosting provider) and my nameservers had been reset to nothing. I've changed it back to Jodohost so we'll see what happens in a day or so.
Actually, I still can't access my site using the "Instant access domain alias" so I think it still might be a problem with JodoHost.
System Administrator has tried to bring up your site many times. Everytime he tried, IIS kept crashing. Support will get back you on this.
Well my site is still down - over 48 hours now.

Can't it just be moved to another server or something? I've just managed to get other sites to start linking to me, got into Google search results, etc. If it's down for too long I fear people will stop linking to me.

I'd really like to see this sorted out very soon. I can't accept that nothing can be done to fix it.
Your account was identified as utilizing excessive amounts of CPU so it was deactivated by our Windows administrator. I'm extremely sorry about this. You'll have to shift your website to another provider. I'll have a refund issued for your entire hosting term

Service: CPU LOAD
Host: WIN5
Date/Time: Wed Nov 5 12:49:34 EST 2003
Additional Info:
CPU Load 35% (10 min average) 22% (60 min average) 15% (1440 min average)
I simply can't believe this. I had a well-established site with another provider. I tested your services with some other sites, thought you were good, and so switched my site to Jodo.

Now after a few weeks you just cancel my account. No warning, no chance of moving my site before you just kill it.

I have no site, and it will take at least a week to get it up and running with another provider.

Please reactivate my site while I organise to have it moved.
As Atul said, IIS kept crashing when your site was put online. We determined that the your site was consuming excessive resources. Your site was seriously affecting other processes on our server. I'm extremely sorry, but we can't re-activate it. We were just about to send you an email.

We hate taking such decisions. But we can't allow other customers to be affected by this.
I recommend you delete the files off your account and put a simple "We are facing technical difficulties" html page. We could then put your site back online
I've only used 3GB of my 5GB limit, but I have just offered (via the helpdesk) to remove all the large files from my site in order to have it reactivated - just so visitors can at least see a message telling them the full site will be back up and running soon.

I hope Jodo can at least do this for me. If I have a site with only a few small pages, I can't see how it would use much CPU. I think this is a reasonable agreement we can reach while I move my site.
OK, I've just deleted ALL the large PDF, DOC and image files off my website. Now there is just basic HTML. I'm sure this won't cause any problems now. Could it be re-activated?
This has nothing to do with bandwidth usage. It appears that you doing some very heavy backend processing

Yes, remove the files off your website and then put a simple HTML page. We'll reactivate your website after that
There is hardly any backend processing. There is one (yes, 1) ASP page to log the number of hits to the front page.

And I run phpBB, but I've only had about 50 posts in the 3 weeks I've been here. It doesn't get much traffic.

The main problem I think is that I have some useful PDF and DOC files that are over 5MB in size. Lots of people are downloading them.
System Administrator tried again. It still has about 90 MB or so in various files. Your site is using excessive amount of CPU. It is effecting the other 120 sites on this server.

Billing has just refunded your payment made on Oct 16 by 2CO.
I can't see how it can use excessive CPU. There is one ASP file that contains 2 lines of code - a connection string and an update statement to update my hit counter in an Access database.

I removed nearly 100MB of the largest and most accessed files.

I have another account I've paid for for 2 or 3 months. Will you refund that too for this MAJOR inconvenience?
I have now deleted ALL files except an index.htm file.

Could you activate my account until my new host takes over?
I'd just like to clarify, you don't have to shift all your websites to another provider, just the problematic one. Only that site has been deactivated, not your others. Your account is still active

Yes, if you want to shift all your websites away from us, we can offer you refunds for both your accounts (current term) for this inconvenience
I'm really curious to see what caused the high CPU usage. Maybe you are dynamically pushing those PDFs and DOCs? I mean, loading them in your code and using something like Response.BinaryWrite? Should be some reason for that. Just a simple HTML page and download links (which point to files, not scripts) cannot produce such CPU usage... What do you use, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET? Maybe we can try to fix the problem here, if it comes from your code.
StPatrick - the thing that worries me is that Jodohost didn't offer to let me fix my code if in fact there was a problem. They just deactivated the site and told me to find a new host.

This site does no dynamic pushing of files or anything. It's completely static except for the front page which contains the following ASP code to count hits.

I'm a professional web devloper and maintain over 10 full ASP and ASP.NET websites. This site however is the most static site I have. It just offers reference material in the form of HTML pages, PDF files and DOC files.

dim sDBPath
dim gConn
dim sSQL

sDBPath = Server.MapPath("xxxxxxx.mdb")

Set gConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

gConn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & sDBPath & ";"

sSQL = "UPDATE Statistics SET STAT_Hits = STAT_Hits + 1"

gConn.execute sSQL