Site down for over 24 hours now

I also posted a long message in the Chit-Chat forum explaining to people what had happened to me with Jodohost, but it has been deleted. I guess Jodohost don't want people to know to actual chain of events?
My account still has not been reactivated either. You promised you would if I removed all files and placed one HTML file explaining I was having technical difficulties. I did that yesterday.
Just to clarify something daddyc, we hate losing customers. We would have not taken this decision unless there we were absolutely sure that your site was the cause for excessive usage. There is no way to really trace what part of your site was causing this usage. Infact it is very difficult to even determine the site that was causing such usage.

I have no explanation why such high usage was recorded. However whenever your site was put back online, that server was registering 36% to 40% of sustained CPU usage which is very serious.

My problem is with your attitude towards me as a customer. You can't just cut customers off in an instant and tell them to find a new host.

You should have told me about the problem and given me the opportunity to try to fix it. To just pull down the site and cancel my account is totally unacceptable.

I had been thinking of hosting a commerical site hereon your largest package. I can't imagine what would happen if you pulled down a commerical site like that. You could ruin a business completely.

My site is a single HTML page now. Can you confirm that reactiving it does not cause any problems? If it still uses high CPU, then there is something wrong with your webserver. That fact that you still haven't reactivated it has me thinking that you're still having problems. A single HTML page can't possibly cause you any problems.

Atul said you had over 90MB of files on your account still. Have them removed. Put a simple HTML index page and i'll reactive your site till you find a new host.

This is not a question about giving you a warning. When a site is using such high resources, we need to deactivate it immediately. Sending you an email and then waiting 24 hours before turning it off is not an option because if that server crases, we will have hundreds of other customers question us about lapse in service.

When some is in the process of sending out UBE, we deactive their account first and then email that customer. If that UBE goes through, it could lead to our IPs being blacklisted. We have to be very pro-active with these sort of issues
daddyc said:
I also posted a long message in the Chit-Chat forum explaining to people what had happened to me with Jodohost, but it has been deleted. I guess Jodohost don't want people to know to actual chain of events?

It was moved to Suggestions/Feedback
There is ONE single HTML file, as I've said 3 or 4 times now.

I don't mean a warning before taking the site down. I mean a warning telling me the site was down for the high CPU reason and giving me the opportunity to try to fix it (if in fact it is my problem which I don't think it is).

You didn't say "the site is down and you need to fix it". You said "the site has been cancelled and you need to find another host". That's the thing that causes a week of "page not found" errors for my users which is unacceptable.

Also, it took you 48 hours to tell me you had manually taken my site down after I raised the first support ticket. You would have known exactly why my site was down when I raised the ticket, yet you just replied and said "we are looking into it".
No. Your site had gone down for genuine reasons and whenever we tried reactivating it, IIS crashed after some while (we are looking into this issue separately). We then discovered your site was using an excessive amount of CPU usage (the prime reason why Win5 has been facing so many problems these days). We then disabled your site (around the same time you posted here). We always inform customers about such terminations. Surely you don't think that we would have just terminated your site and waited for you to discover it?
Too many people may have been trying to download your files simultaneously, That seems to be the most logical explanation for the high usage. I'll see if I can send you over the log files. We have plenty of bandwidth to offer to our customers, but only limited system resources. Your website is best suited for VPS
I don't know what to expect any more.

My site is still down, even though it just has the one HTML file. Could you please activate it? It just has a message saying the site will be back in a couple of days.
So the problem wasn't a script being intensive on the CPU. It was in fact just that too many people were trying to download files.

So a traffic problem as I've said all along. Even though I've only used 3GB of my 5GB limit, your shared server can't handle it.

I can hear your apology on the way.
I never said a script was being intensive. I said a script could have been the cause. If you run no scripts, than the only other explanation is the one I just stated.

We have sites that use 10GB and even 20GB of usage on our site but have never recorded such high sustained CPU usage. These sites compose mainly of information and message boards. They don't really have any downloads to offer. Maybe that could be a reason why we haven't had any problems with them
Sounds about right to me. So as long as your customers use their bandwidth in small files and HTML pages it's fine. As soon as they have a document of 5MB to download, the whole thing goes wrong.

I have another host now. I just need to wait for the DNS changes to propogate.

Could you PLEASE reactivate my account for a few days so the single "we are having problems" page can be seen? I've asked for this about 10 times now.
Just to add, these are dual processor systems. We hardly have 300 sites on them. Most hosting companies pack no less that 800 sites on such machines. We have separate database servers to distribute load even further.

We are just waiting on our win administrator. Not in at the moment
We'll see if my new host can handle it. They're the same price as you and offer about the same features so it will be a good comparison.
Well as promised, I'm here to let you know how my new host is going.

Traffic has actually picked up since I've been with them and there have been no problems at all and I have made NO changes to the website since it was hosted here.

I have been with the new host for 22 days now - here are some stats:

Average Unique Vistors Per Day: 506
Max Vistors In One Day: 779
Average KB Per Day: 160,000 (160MB)
Max KB In One Day: 280,000 (280MB)
Total KB For The Month: 3,700,000 (3.7GB)

Most popular files (ranked by KB transferred):
1. Static HTM file - 1248 hits - 186MB total transferred
2. Static HTM file - 1616 hits - 170MB total transferred
3. Static HTM file - 1762 hits - 164MB total transferred
4. Static HTM file - 987 hits - 127MB total transferred
5. GIF file - 4767 hits - 124MB total transferred

This host is costing me $5.95 per month. They are obviously having no problems with the site.

The only conclusion I can make is that there was in fact a problem with the server I was on at Jodohost. If one host can handle it, then Jodohost should also be able to handle it.