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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by coldfusionman, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. RebeccaFaye

    RebeccaFaye Guppy


    What is your site's address?
  2. Nathan

    Nathan Perch

    I'm on Win5, sites now work intermittently.

    Email started downloading, but as yet I cannot send.

    No official response as yet?

  3. aelial

    aelial Guppy

    how did you get into the livechat? i can't even open!
  4. RebeccaFaye

    RebeccaFaye Guppy

  5. aelial

    aelial Guppy

    that link doesn't open for me :( maybe it really is a routing thing.
  6. RebeccaFaye

    RebeccaFaye Guppy

  7. I can, as well as the JodoHost site...
  8. aelial

    aelial Guppy

    yeah, opens up, but jodohost does not, and neither does my email...
  9. dannyc

    dannyc Perch

    CF, I'm getting a "SQL Server does not exist" error at that site. I am unable to ping mssql2, so I'm wondering if that's down now, too. I know they had planned to upgrade it this morning, but then postponed that.
  10. RebeccaFaye

    RebeccaFaye Guppy

  11. YsFred4

    YsFred4 Guppy

  12. dannyc

    dannyc Perch

    I can bring that site up.
  13. the Over the Mountains site opens for me...
  14. aelial

    aelial Guppy

    seems like everyone can open up sites, as long as they're not the owner :) great, maybe somebody can check my email...
  15. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    Things are going crazy at the moment

    We have 3 ISPs all routed via different routes and only one is giving us a good connection while the other two are intermittent

    Our VoIP services are intermittent explaining the problems with the phone.
  16. devorem

    devorem Perch

    I can get to but I also get the SQL error. I can get to (really slow) but I couldn't earlier. I could get to mapca earlier, but not now. I can get to It does seem like a routing issue but I have failed to find any word of it on any news sites. That might suggest that it is more of a local issue.
  17. Yash

    Yash Bass

  18. Good Oyster

    Good Oyster Perch

  19. Yash

    Yash Bass

    ive been talking with other hosts, services at have been down as well
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