Site Down

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I'm on Win5, sites now work intermittently.

Email started downloading, but as yet I cannot send.

No official response as yet?

CF, I'm getting a "SQL Server does not exist" error at that site. I am unable to ping mssql2, so I'm wondering if that's down now, too. I know they had planned to upgrade it this morning, but then postponed that.
seems like everyone can open up sites, as long as they're not the owner :) great, maybe somebody can check my email...
Things are going crazy at the moment

We have 3 ISPs all routed via different routes and only one is giving us a good connection while the other two are intermittent

Our VoIP services are intermittent explaining the problems with the phone.
I can get to but I also get the SQL error. I can get to (really slow) but I couldn't earlier. I could get to mapca earlier, but not now. I can get to It does seem like a routing issue but I have failed to find any word of it on any news sites. That might suggest that it is more of a local issue.
Not open for further replies.