Status on integrated hsphere domain registration?


I think that if you could provide some form of matrix of the Pros and Cons (Features and Capabilities) of each (DirectI & RRPproxy), it would give us resellers a better idea of which domain registration is best, based upon actual cost / benefits.

Atul said:
We have not taken a decision yet. Directi will give us limited choice in domain registration, what is you think of that?
I am thinking along the lines that you must have a large base of Uk sellers, so domains are a must. Its a pitty Directi dont support them. I really wonder why not actually.

Im just worried that the RRPproxy wont work well for resellers, as it looks at first impressions that Jodohost as the customer would be the domain registrar for all the domains registered. Not good for reselllers. If thats not the case,then please correct me.

If they decide to integrate DirectI do we have to get a reseller account from Jodo or can we use a direct reseller account purchased from DirectI.

This would allow cheaper prices :)
yea thats what i was thinking, it depends if its processed from the top level (jodo) account or you enter your own account details.
That has really been the point and the problem all along, Hsphere has NEVER worked with end user reseller accounts.
So h-sphere doesn't support having domains registered in the name of the reseller?

Hmm, maybe it'd just be simpler to use RegistryRocket from ENom.
No it does not, it has always just had one account setup, at the "admin" reseller, and then everyone goes under that account, I never have liked it personally.
Dave96 said:
Another plus is that DirectI costs much less than Enom for starters and it's free when you signup as Jodo's reseller.

You mean if I signup for JodoHost reseller I won't have to pay $75 to Directi as advance deposit and it will be free?