AWStats on Win Servers?

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by InTheMarket, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Maybe this is another issue coming from the H-Sphere upgrade?

    I have checked multiple domains on the following servers:

    Win 11, Win7, Win19, and Win15.

    For all of the domains I checked the stats tabulated for March in AWStats shows either no activity at all or else very understated.

    Is there some type of reset or something that needs to be done globally for AWStats?

  2. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    I don't know of an issue on it and have not seen other hsphere providers having this as an error, the logs are generating when hits are made, so in my testing it has looked like logs are made when a hit comes.
  3. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Hi Stephen,

    I went into 3 different domains..turned AWStats off and then turned it back on again to see if that changes anything (but I don't think I will know until tomorrow) Of the 3 I did it on 2 were not showing total amounts of hits visits, etc (but did tabulate some) the 3rd one didn't show anything at all for March (and there has definitely been traffic on that this month for sure)

    I will see if that changes anything and let you know.

  4. cmjacobsen

    cmjacobsen Guppy

    One of the other HSphere providers recently had issues with their AWStats not reporting post upgrade. This was on their linux servers I believe but it may have affected their win servers as well.
  5. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    There's definitely a problem with AWStats compiling data. Here's a result of what I found out from yesterday.

    All domains had AWStats turned off and then back on again to see if that would clear anything.

    Domain 1 Win 7 Before resetting showed 0 statistics for March..after resetting still shows 0 including yesterday.

    Domain 2 Win 19 before resetting showed understated statistics for March by a factor of approximately 10x After resetting the new data from yesterday is still (as is rest of the month) understated by about the same amount.

    Domain 3 Win 15 before resetting showed understated statistics for March by a factor of approximately 10x After resetting the new data from yesterday is a lot higher and seems closer to normal.

    What should next steps be? I can turn in a ticket to support if that is the best option..but this sure seems like more of a global situation across multiple servers and domains.
  6. Sailor

    Sailor Perch

    I heard from a client Webalizer stats had not generated on his domain since March 4th. Opened a ticket and they told me it was fixed, but the next day stats stopped being reported again. There have now been no Webalizer reports generated since March 5th. I have not stopped and started Webalizer yet, because I don't know if that will cause me to lose all stats for the missing period.
    Anyone else experiencing Webalizer issues?
  7. mgrunk

    mgrunk Perch

    My customer has not had reports updated since March 9th.
  8. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We are aware of stats issues, we recommend turning off and back on, but we have reported this to parallels as well, it seems 50%+ of tickets now are about stats.
  9. Penhall

    Penhall Perch

    Hit and miss it looks like - one site that I turned it on a few days back works fine, one site that has been on for a long time missed a bunch of stats and is now throwing errors, another that I added yesterday has yet to proces any stats.

    Non-mission critical for me so I'm just waiting it out.
  10. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Hi Stephen,

    A bit of an update from me:

    Support did respond that they had manually fixed some of the domains in question.

    Unfortunately as I look again today stats on nearly all of the domains are still not working correctly. At about the same time support was replying I had turned stats off and on again.

    I had not noticed before but it is problematic with not just AWStats but also with Webalizer as well.

    Just now I turned both AWStats and Webalizer off and then on again on all the domains in question.

    I will look again tomorrow to see if there is any change.

    Some domains are working (mostly on newer Win servers)
  11. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We can run stats manually however it doesn't actually 'fix' the problem it jut runs it for a single day. I've clarified that to staff so that when they reply they don't imply it is forever fixed. We still have an open ticket with Parallels about this. The problem happens when it hits a domain it is processing for stats that had no hits in a day, and it freezes there and doesn't continue. So it can be random one day work fine, then the next stop due to this(as some site may have stats on and not get hit and make it freeze, but the next day it has a hit on it)

    In way this also explains why newer servers may be working better on it, as people are less likely to have stats enabled on a random stay subdomain on a newer server but on the old ones I know people that have every feature on and haven't touched it since 2006. (which also leads to defacements on their other domains with ancient software versions installed on them that are very buggy)
  12. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Another update:

    I looked at the first four accounts that I turned AWStats and Webalizer off and then on again yesterday. No joy... as none of them started to work again as a result. I didn't go through any of the others though.

    If AWStats and Webalizer will not work and Parallels is unable to offer a fix..what are other server side options? I have clients continuously asking me as to when this will be resolved?
  13. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    We are still working with parallels on it, trying to push them along faster......
  14. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Hi Stephen,

    Just to let you know I did update a support ticket regarding this a few minutes ago.

    Has there been any progress on this issue?

    My customers are becoming less and less patient as it has been going on now for nearly 4 weeks. Since I don't have any update I have no idea as to what to tell them.

    If there isn't a fix to this at least very close..all I can think to do is to move domains to servers where apparently stats are working. (Which would be a major pain since many of them also have secure certificates)
  15. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    I will have to check the update to see what still isn't working. Moving it is going to do no good, it all depends at this time simply on the order and where it encounters a 0 byte file or 'missing' log(when a domain gets no hits in a day)

    It is going to be a minimum of 6 hours before I can check it however, I have several critical tasks I am doing this morning. Moving it to a different server is unforntunatly going to put the site at the very end of the processing list, making it even more likely to get hit by this bug in stats processing.
  16. bro

    bro Perch

    Most of my sites that use AWstats have been recording only about one tenth of the usual statistics since the end of February. Some have recorded none (even though they have daily RSS feeds). Some Webalizer stats are similarly affected, but apparently not all.
    This is a big problem for some customers who follow their statistics closely...
  17. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    you should see some big changes in all this since yesterday. Parallels finally gave a reply with some substance, and we changed the stats conf files on 1000's of domains to change the way it worked now.

    In the update they set a purgefile option, that seems was making an early purge, that has been disabled.

    Downside now, possibly large collections of log files needing regularly to be cleaned which we can deal with.
  18. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Hi Stephen

    I didn't check everything..but the domains that I did spot check on Win7 are still not compiling stats in AWStats. They all show 0 for April. Not sure about others yet but will check all of them again after the weekend.
  19. InTheMarket

    InTheMarket Perch

    Hi Stephen,

    OK here's some more information after doing sme checking:

    I have 6 accounts on Win 7 and neither AWStats or Webalizer is working on any of those yet.

    I have 1 account each on Win 28, Win 30, and Win 27 where AWStats appears to be working but there is nothing there at all for Webalizer for April.

    The people that are yelling at me for solutions are on Win 7.
  20. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    ok thanks for the update will check on that server specifically.

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