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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by MetaSkinny, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    I take it as no?? we cant use your license? :p oh well.
  2. Inka

    Inka Perch

    They are still "evaluating" which means = "most probably it won't be possible and please do not keep writing about this in the forum because we will ignore it anyway". :D
  3. Yash

    Yash Bass

    You can go ahead and use Cerberus.. Just download the full helpdesk and install it on your webspace..

    After that, email me the URL of your helpdesk as well access mysql database details.. I'll install the unlimited license on your helpdesk..

    I am not officially announcing this at the moment, but we will do so soon..
  4. Inka

    Inka Perch

    Excellent news! Thanks!
  5. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    Yash, I seem to be getting no response from you???

    Sent you a forum-email message. submitted a ticket to see if you got it. Sent you an email, and a PM (your PM box has been full until now)

    Have you got any??

  6. Yash

    Yash Bass

    I've replied to your email. Sorry been busy lately
  7. Viper

    Viper Perch

    Is this option available to ALL resellers?

    If so, I'm a liitle confused on what I need to download.

    The download page at Cerberus has (2) options to download:

    1. Cerberus Helpdesk GUI (Agent & Customer Interfaces).
    GUI for PHP 4
    GUI for PHP 5

    2. Cerberus Support Center

    When you say to download the "Full" helpdesk, does that mean download 1. & 2.?, if so, should I download PHP 4 or 5?

  8. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    I tried it myself but I'm having alot of trouble installing the parser which pipes email into the helpdesk
  9. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch


    Sorry, just had to laugh when I read this Dave96. Exact same problem as me. Ive been on with Stephen about this and were all finding this very confusing. Apparently even Jodo had this same problem when installing for themselves.
    I think the main problem is the rubbish installation procedure, and the even more rubbish documentation guides at Cerberus. I have emailed my feelins on this matter to them!!

    I am going to have another full day working on this. So hope to work it out today!!


    I'll get back here if I get a workaround. Unless anybody else has the answer?
  10. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    I was on it for a full day and decided to quit.

    What type of parsing are you using? POP or Piping? And are you on Linux or Windows?
  11. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    pop. and Linux
  12. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    I'd like to use pop/windows but it's impossible with Jodo.

    I tried pipe/windows and failed miserably.
    Also tried pop/linux and same results.

    This parser thing is way too complicated to install. When I run the parser.php file I just get an XML error thingy. But it seems that everything is properly setup.

    What do you use for Temp dir and Lib dir?
  13. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    Sorry, Have you seen the news. London Underground suspected bombing!!! Cant belive it. I just knew that something like this would happen to UK sometime. The day after we win the olympic bid too.

    My thoughts and feelings go out to all involved!!
  14. Underdog

    Underdog Perch

    Yes it was a bomb. My mother is there, Im not managing to speak to her. Im trying NOT to freak out and keep working. If anyone knows a public number for London authorities or wherever I can have OFFICIAL info, I'll appreciate that.
    Please, avoid rumours, thank you.

    (And sorry for changing post subject, but I had to say that).
  15. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    Might be of help. I hope everything is ok with your mom..
  16. Underdog

    Underdog Perch

    Thanks Subspace. I received a contact from her. uhff..
  17. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    Hey Dave96. Have you set up a cronjob? I got a reply from Cerberus support and he said that a cron need to be set to run the parser. E.g every 5 mins.
    So, ive tried to set one up, but I get permission denied everytime the cron runs. on parser.php.

    But i get error that no file exists when cron the cerberus-2.592.Linux-2.4.21-192-smp4G file. (This is the file that the flash tutorial on Cerberus crons, but they do it Via Shell) which we dont have :(

    Im going to continue to look into this however.

    Thanks and good luck
  18. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    I got your message, I am just busy working on a large number of items right now,sorry.

    I am looking into the cronjob now.
  19. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    No worries Stephen. Thanks for trying your best. I know its actually not your problem really. Nothing to do with Jodo, its Cerberus!!
    So thanks greatly for actually helping us!!! Just shows you the great Support that Jodo has :D

    Cerberus doesnt help when it takes them minimum of 24 hours to answer a ticket. Its like taking a snail out for a walk in the park!

    Will have another shot tomorrow lol.
  20. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    The cronjob simply runs the parser.php file every 5 mins. I tried running the file myself with a web browser to test it and I get an error so it's not even set up properly. I'm not sure what to use for Temp (I think on jodo win servers temp is located at c:\windows\tem) and Lib.

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