Status on integrated hsphere domain registration?

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Reseller Hosting' started by Dave96, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    This thread is not neglected. We are reading every post and debating best course. We will take a decision by this week.
  2. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    OK, we will start offering all gTLDs and following ccTLDs to our customers. We will integrate it in H-Sphere by this weekend. There will slight change in our current domain pricing. Pricing of ccTLDs will be annouced shortly. You can continue to use Directi if you want.

    | .AC | .BZ | .co.IN | .LA |.info.PL | .SH | .me.UK | .AG | .CC |.firm.IN | .MD | .net.PL | .TC | .org.UK |.com.AG | .CN | .gen.IN | .MS | .org.PL | .TK | .US |.net.AG |.com.CN | .ind.IN | .NAME| .RU | .TV | .VG |.org.AG |.net.CN | .net.IN | .NET | .SC |.club.TW | .WS | .AM |.org.CN | .org.IN | .NL | .com.SC | .com.TW | .AT | .COM| .INFO| .NU | .net.SC |.ebiz.TW | .co.AT | .DE | .IO | .ORG | .org.SC |.game.TW | .or.AT | .FM | .IT | .PL | .SE | .idv.TW | .BE | .GS | .JOBS|.biz.PL | .SG | .org.TW > | .BIZ| .IN | .JP |.com.PL | .com.SG | .co.UK |
  3. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    OOHHH, Cool

    I see is in there too. So, how is this being done then because as far as I was aware Directi dont support it right?
    Are you using enom or something for the hsphere integration?

  4. Am a Geek

    Am a Geek Perch

    You'll be having integration with whom ?

    ENOM, Directi, etc. ??

    Also, will Email Domain Registration be enabled? I prefer manually registering domains for my clients.
  5. Scotty_32

    Scotty_32 Perch

    chances are they'll be offering the names via enom not directi (well hsphere intergrated anyway)
  6. Am a Geek

    Am a Geek Perch

    Hmm ok.

    Does it cost anything to enable Email Domain Registration?
  7. Am a Geek

    Am a Geek Perch

    I hope they enable that as well. It will be a great help for me.
  8. Scotty_32

    Scotty_32 Perch

    my guess would be it'd only be the cost of the domain name

    you might want to check out the Domain Registrarr part on Psofts site see the full details on it, eg features it offers, etc
  9. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    Through which registrar will this be offered?
  10. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    We want to integrate RRPproxy in H-Sphere. I had few email exchange with Director of the company alongwith other people. I found them quite good.

    Integration of RRPproxy will allow registration of new domains from within H-Sphere. We are thinking of following pricing:

    com, net, org, biz, info, us - 9.50 USD
    cc - 17.00 USD
    bz - 30 USD
    tv - 30.50 USD
    nu - 30.00 USD
    uk - 5,60 GBP
    ag - 100 USD,, - 80.00 USD
    fm - 81 USD
    cn (,,, regional cn) - 19.50 USD
    se - 260 SEK
    jp - 93 USD (incl. local presence)
    sg - 55 USD (incl. local presence)
    am - 89 USD
    la - 35 USD
    sc - 35 USD
  11. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    9.50 for a .com is very expensive.
  12. Dev Gateway

    Dev Gateway Guppy

    Very expensive? Hum, I really don't think so.

    When is this planned integration? What does RRPproxy cost to get into? I've never heard of it...

  13. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    DirectI sells them at $6.99 per year. I might just as well get a DirectI reseller and use the non-integrated way...
  14. Viper

    Viper Perch

    I must admit that I'm a little surprised that Jodohost would be going with RRPproxy (Never heard of them), rather than with DirectI.

    I assume that there must be a GOOD reason???
  15. Dave96

    Dave96 Perch

    I aggre with you Viper, never heard of them also.

    There has to be a reason because DirectI can also be integrated with H-Sphere.
  16. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    9,50 does seem expensive.
    Can I ask why you have chosen to go with this RRPproxy over Enom etc???

    Also, how will this system work. With Directi or enom, if jodo sets up the link to them, we can sign up with directi etc as resllers, then use the link which u have with them to sell usingH-sphere. so, in short, we are the resellers and domain purchases would come under our name would't they?
    How will this RRPproxy work? The same way??

    Also, h-sphere allows multiple domain registras. Its just the link bewtween jodo and the registrar that jodo needs to form in hsphere. So you could have Directi and enom etc then allow the resellers to choose which registrar they want to use.

    Any comments?
  17. Emagine

    Emagine Perch Staff Member

    i think directi would be the better one for jodo

    because of the fact you hold a directi account you could play on the angle get an account with us and you can get an domain account also from us and intergrate that within your hosting account, opens you out for more domain registrations also

    but i would say personally directi would be the better
  18. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    We have not taken a decision yet. Directi will give us limited choice in domain registration, what is you think of that?
  19. bored_admin

    bored_admin Perch

    yeah. directi has limited domains. That why I propose you set up a variety of registrars. Enom is regarded as one of the best and most popular. As far as I was aware, you dont need to be an active reseller of enom or deposit money, but just have an account and set up the link between enom and hsphere.

  20. Atul

    Atul Administrator Staff Member

    This will require staff to learn all domain registrar we integrate. It will be very difficult to manage many registrars.

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