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Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by Logan, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. yorri

    yorri Perch

    I agree..the only downtime I have had was today and last week's?? sporatic problems...can't remember the day. But downtime is not the only thing that causes frustration.

    The rest have been more isolated but as I was saying, I am up to 6 problems now within the last week...some of which may not have been working since the new cluster. I have been sick and very busy for the past couple of weeks so I haven't been able to keep up on my domains so I have no idea how long some of these things were not working...all I know is that they continue to come back and haunt me everytime we move servers and this time was the worst....before it was only 1 or 2 minor things...but now..problems just keep popping up as I have time to test things and see if they are working.
  2. Yash

    Yash Bass

    These issues are related to the DNS problem
    Yorri, we are equally frustrated. We have 3 administrators logged in try to fix this. Once this is fixed, that'll be the last ticket you'll have to open
  3. riley

    riley Perch

    I opened a ticket and the admin took care of it promptly. The redirect to the static page works fine, but I found a problem with the custom error processing.

    When IIS redirects from a 404 error, it (normally) places the error number and the offending url in the querystring for the custom error handler. For example, if your custom error page is err404.htm and a request for cannot be fulfilled because it cannot be found, the browser's location bar will look like this when err404.htm is displayed:;

    By parsing the querystring (or "" in javascript), one can easily find out what url caused the error. You can even set up some code to email the url to yourself so you can update links or take other action to fix the problem.

    The problem now is that when the server redirects to the customer error page, "?404;" is not being passed.

    I can live with this for now, but it would be nice to know what page the visitor was looking for.

  4. r0ck1t

    r0ck1t Perch

    I must say I have never seen a 404 error send any data in the querystring. I usually catch that data with server variables in ASP.
  5. riley

    riley Perch

    I've never seen an IIS generated one that didn't, be it IIS 4, 5 or 6. But the important thing to remember here is that the server, in it's current configuration, can only redirect to static pages, and I can't get at server variables from client side scripts. Hence, without the querystring, I cannot determine the url that caused the error.

    The interesting thing I've found (after extensive searches at MSDN) is that IIS 4 and 5 documentation clearly describes the querystring I described, but IIS 6 documentation does not mention it. However, I'm running 6 on my development system and the querystring was present when I tested my static custom error page earlier today.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I can at least handle the 404 error with the static page and redirect (javascript location.replace) to my aspx page from there. So it is working to a large degree. But until the server can handle dynamic pages for custom errors (or pass the querystring to static pages), the information about the faulty url is lost.

  6. yorri

    yorri Perch

    actually only 2 of the 6 problems were related to dns... Jmail not working, asp not working and custom error pages have nothing to do with dns...unless I don't know something you do :)
  7. Yash

    Yash Bass

    And weren't all these issues resolved for you under 6 hours?
  8. Yash

    Yash Bass

  9. yorri

    yorri Perch

    That isn't the said they were dns related when they weren't. I also said customer service was excellent in many posts and the only reason I stay even though every few months I have to go through these problems. I think you are only reading what you want to read :)
  10. yorri

    yorri Perch

    although I am not sure if I made comments on the service in this thread...but I have in many others and at many times but you have to realize Yash that just because you fix them doesn't mean they aren't frustrating especially if they happen every few months.
  11. Yash

    Yash Bass

    I'm sorry yorri, i thought the six issues you were referring to were related to email and that is a DNS issue. I totally forgot about your asp and jmail issue. Yes, both were configuration problems which were fixed immediately and I did appologize. Should I mail you an appology letter? :)

    These were very minor issues and I don't think you'll have to open another ticket now since your site is all setup and working fine.
  12. yorri

    yorri Perch

    No I don't want an apology letter. I am just correcting your statements. These are minor problems? So now you are judging what is importantant for your customers or not? That is wrong Yash! They aren't minor for me. The things I pay for either work or don't work..and when the KEEP happening...the same exact problems OVER AND OVER and OVER.. That is what is frustrating. But..they are fixed let's drop it. I am being told that there is no problem with my email. This is crazy. There are 2 specific hotmail accounts (possibly 3 and maybe others I don't know about) that are not receiving my email. This is a problem..even if it isn't your server. If people are not receiving email from me but they can from EVERY OTHER service I use...well then I consider this an issue with Jodohost. The problem is that it isn't working from my domain name and if I can't send using my domain name using Jodohost...well then I guess I need to find some other place that will work.
  13. yorri

    yorri Perch

    and I am still waiting for a fix on the custom error pages...
  14. Yash

    Yash Bass

    which issues have you been facing over and over again? I'll look into them.

    Thank you for correcting me. When you deal with so many customers each day, it becomes difficult to remember individual problems one faced some weeks ago. By minor, I mean the work involved on the server

    Your email issue is because of the DNS problems we have been facing. We have gone into overdrive to fix them.
  15. Yash

    Yash Bass

    I dont see any open ticket from you. Could you resubmit your ticket and it will be looked into immediately
  16. Ron

    Ron Perch

    Well sorry to butt in but I just thought since so many potential jodohost customers read these topics, I wanted to say that I've been a customer for 11 months and the number of issues I've had with JodoHost are very very little. Their uptime, service and customer support have been excellent by my standards. I'm sure that is the same case for most JodoHost customers
  17. riley

    riley Perch

    The tests I performed were done against my IIS 5 machine. My IIS 6 machine has been down for a while and I don't have time to fix it right now, so I can't test aginst IIS 6.

    I suspect that IIS 6 no longer passes that data to avoid possible url spoofing. Many things have changed in the newer Microsoft products in an attempt to seal-up security issues; this could be one of them.

  18. riley

    riley Perch

    I agree.

  19. yorri

    yorri Perch

    I lumped it in with the ticket about my domain being down. I just responded and corrected myself because I didn't phrase the ticket properly. I said custom errors...but should have said custom error pages. I don't think I need to open a new ticket because I just responded to the open one which is named "domain not working".
  20. yorri

    yorri Perch

    I totally agree with you and don't think you will find better service anywhere. I will never deny that. I am sure also that 80% of the problems I have only are affecting me or a small portion of the clientele(or that is what I am told)...aside from the downtime during the server shifts which affected everyone.

    I have to admit that some of my frustration is that every time an upgrade is made I have problems (some which are the same problems each asp not working on my domain, downtime of my domain, jmail not working etc). This is something I have been dealing with many webhosts over the last 3 years so my patience is gone now regarding this. This is not a jodohost exclusive that is for sure and that is why I mentioned my concern about proper testing months ago because it seems that upgrades are done without complete testing (just saying in general....not focusing on Jodohost here as I have been told proper testing is done before launching new hardware or software which might be why only a select few get affected instead of the whole community...which I think is great...BUT WHY ME EVERYTIME DAMNIT :)

    I just get frustrated when I have to test every single feature to make sure it is working. I just haven't got the time for that nor feel I should have to...that is why I make my comments. If I don't say it's frustrating then nothing will ever be done in the future to try and prevent them from happening. Yes they get fixed quickly. Yes I am dealt with professionally. Yes eventually my service returns to 100% uptime and working..but having to submit tickets, test all the features to find problems then test after the fix has been made etc is a little tiring and so far I have had to deal with some of these issues 3 times since the beginning of last summer.

    As I was saying, I won't deny that I am being treated better than ANYWHERE else...but that doesn't keep my site from going down, my email from going down, certain features on my website from failing.

    I am sure we would all prefer nothing to fail and I realize that is impossible but having to deal with 6 things that stopped working within a time frame of a week is a little much I think so no I won't keep my frustration to myself.

    I'm happy for you that you haven't had to deal with many issues...maybe I should move my domains onto your account lol but I haven't had the same experience as you and I am not afraid to mention it....but I am also not afraid to say that Yash has done an amazing job despite my problems...which is why I haven't gone elsewhere like I have with so many other hosts but one can only deal with so many problems before they give up.

    Anyway, only 2 things left to get resolved and hopefully I can go back to that 100% uptime I am used to with Jodohost.

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