Has anybody requested any changes to Win5 server?

Discussion in 'H-Sphere Shared Hosting' started by reptilecrazy, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    I have now wasted my time on reading through this stupid discussion and have a couple of things to say to this mad girl over here:

    This CAN NOT be a server error. The server DOES NOT insert characters into the code
    You really owe Yash an appology. What he did would never have been done on other hosts. They would just have given a **** and you would have to kiss their ass and do it yourself. Yash hired a professional and paid $50 off his own pocket and he never said you should pay it back, but it would be nice if you did, but what you do is to go to frontal attack on him? How old are you? I wont call that thank you for the help, which is what you should have said

    but now, let's cut this shit and face it was a problem with the code. Not blaming anyone for it

    just my 0.02

    And one more thing: you should also appreciate that Yash did use his valuable time on ****in around in this thread and answering you. If jodohost were as bad as it looks like you want it to be, this thread would have been deleted on page two or something and you would have been banned for life. Jus face it, Jodohost is one of the best hosting companies out there and Yash is a great guy. Respect him and what he does!
  2. reptilecrazy

    reptilecrazy Perch

    Issue is now closed,
    I have talked to Yash direct,
    I really dont want to elaborate any further.
  3. reptilecrazy

    reptilecrazy Perch

    And u can **** off u ignorant twat.
    U have no bloody idea u little shit, butt out!
  4. Yash

    Yash Bass

    you should be asking that to yourself.. look over the files you might have uploaded..

    I pointed out what was wrong. There was a synthax error for all i know, and I paid an ASP programmer to correct it.

    You have not even done any investigation yourself and you are plain and simply putting the blame on us. its your coding issue, your problem, your headache. I'm tired of this discussion..

    There was never any server issue...
  5. Stephen

    Stephen US Operations Staff Member

    OK, OK, Trying to be a peacemaker here, everyone settle down. I know tempers are flaring, let us all just calm down, please.
  6. Yash

    Yash Bass

    I'm stepping out of this discussion now, 1:30 AM, I'm off to bed. If anyone has any other issues, please open a ticket. We have a 24x7x365 support team to address them
  7. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    agree, but these reptiles have no rights to just come here and slag off everybody who is defending JH
  8. riley

    riley Perch

    I agree. Please, let's return to this forum the sense of community it usually has.

    The problem has been identified and fixed. One has to wonder how the "c" got in the source code. Some have speculated that someone at jodohost did it. This is unlikely.

    If we read post 17 from this thread, reptilecrazy states, "Ive gone through every file connected to that system, and re-uploaded fresh copies, no joy still." To me, this indicates that the source on the local computer was corrupt (contained the "c"). I'm just posting this as an observation, so, reptilecrazy, don't flame me. I've helped you in this forum in the past, and would be glad to help you in the future.
    Please, let's get things back to a sense of community and stop flaming each other.

  9. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    Like Yash said: something could have gone wrong during uploading. That's more likely than a file spontaneously containing a 'c' that disappears every time reptilecrazy looks at it, but is there when someone else looks at it.

    reptilecrazy: me and Interlink both offered to look at your code for free (it never hurts to have an extra eye). Next time I'll think twice about offering such a thing, it's likely I'll get accused of sabotaging your code :O

    I've been making websites for 8 years now, server side scripts for 7 years, and for 3 years professionally. But don't take my word for it, take Yash's word for it, and JodoHost as a whole.
    I've seen them overlook problems, but they don't attempt to hide problems.
  10. reptilecrazy

    reptilecrazy Perch

    When they are there, when they actually want to answer, and basically if they are not on a change over when people are absent for 1 whole hr.
    OOOOOOOOOOOO MY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. reptilecrazy

    reptilecrazy Perch

  12. reptilecrazy

    reptilecrazy Perch

    I also stated to Yash privately that both files were compared, no difference, and no "C"s, and this was before they were fixed!
  13. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    doubt that.. we have real snakes out in the forest

    hell, i cant believe you are as old as my father
  14. SubSpace

    SubSpace Bass

    Uhm, I think someone needs a temp ban or something :O
  15. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    hmmmm, where did you get that idea? ;)
  16. hgurol

    hgurol Guppy

    ...and I can believe which you are only 16 ;)
  17. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    call me a dumd ass *****, but sorry, I don't really understand what you mean ?( (I am seriuos!)
  18. LegalAlien

    LegalAlien Perch

    hmmm... I find myself agreeing with the dirtbag. Complete waste of time reading this one. It's certainly very hot in here, and now I can see why.. Seems the reptile attracted a little attention!

    Most users ever online was 70, 03-31-04 at 08:01 PM.
  19. DirtBag

    DirtBag Perch

    yeah it is very hot in here.. I'm sweating like hell! this bloody computer went quite warm after reading this thread!:p
  20. LegalAlien

    LegalAlien Perch

    Well, not a complete waste of time - I think this crazy thread serves as an excellent example of Jodo going well beyond the call of duty.

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